A full and circumstantial account of the memorable battle of Waterloo: the second restoration of Louis XVIII; and the deportation of Napoleon Buonaparte to the island of St. Helena, and every recent particular relative to his conduct and mode of life in his exile. Together with an interesting account of the affairs of France and the biographical sketches of the most distinguished Waterloo heroes. Embellished with engravings
Kelly, Christopher
London. T. Kelly. 1817. 3 p.l., [3]-509, [1] p.

A full and circumstantial account of the trial of the Rev. Doctor Dodd: at the Sessions House in the Old Bailey, on Saturday the 22d of February, 1777, before the Hon. Baron Perryn, for forging a bond amounting to four thousand two hundred pounds, purporting to be the bond of the Right Honourable the Earl of Chesterfield : wherein is accurately related, the arguments of the council on various points of law, a full account of the examination of the witnesses, the prisoner's defence, &c. : with original remarks on the trial
Dodd, William
London. Printed for Richardson and Urquhart. [1777?]. 55, [1] p.

A full and complete account of the late awful riots in Philadelphia
Philadelphia [etc.]. J. B. Perry. [1844]. 60 p., 1 l., 36 p.

A full and complete description of the Covington and Cincinnati suspension bridge: with dimensions and details of construction
Farrington, E[dmond] F
Cincinnati. J. P. Lindsay & co., printers. 1867. 17 p.

A full and complete table showing the proper diameter of the journals of cast-iron shafts: where the power is transmitted through them by torsion : embracing the whole probable range of practice
Parker, Z
[Philadelphia?. s.n. 1851?]. 8 p.

A full and correct account of the military occurrences of the late war between Great Britain and the United States of America: with an appendix, and plates
James, William
London. Printed for the author. 1818. 2 v.

A Full and correct report of the Christiana tragedy in the county of Lancaster, state of Penna., Sept. 11, 1851: as repoted [!] verbatim et literatim, on the hearing and examination, as the same was presented as evidence before Alderman Reigart, September 25th
Reigart, J. Franklin ; Hanway, Castner
Lancaster, Pa. J. H. Pearsol. 1851. 24 p.

A full and correct report of the trial of Thomas Radcliffe Crawley for the murder of Mary Mooney at Peter's-Row on Wednesday the 17th of February, 1802: had at an adjournment of a Commission of Oyer and Terminer and General Gaol Delivery on the 1st and 10th days of March before the Right Honourable Lord Norbury and the Honourable Baron Smith
Crawley, Thomas Radcliffe ; MacNally, Leonard
Dublin. Printed by Charles Downes. 1802. 72 p.

A Full and correct report of the trials for rioting, at Ely and Littleport, in May 1816, before judges Abbott, Burrough, and Christian, at a special assize held at Ely, on Monday, the 17th day of June, and following days, with the opening charge of Mr. Justice Abbott, and the pleadings of counsel at full length, and a prefatory chapter on the state of the country, and the alarming effects of insubordination to the laws
Easey, John ; A member of the Inner Temple
London. Printed by Hatfield and Twigg. 1816. xxiv, 87 p.

A full and detailed catalogue of books which belonged to Adam Smith: now in the possession of the Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo
Smith, Adam ; Yanaihara, Tadao
New York. A. M. Kelley. 1966. ix, 126 p.

A full and detailed catalogue of books which belonged to Adam Smith: now in the possession of the Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo
Smith, Adam ; Yanaihara, Tadao
Tokyo. I. Shoten. 1951. ix, 126 p.

A full and detailed history of the siege of Vicksburg
Abrams, Alex. St. Clair
Atlanta, Ga. Intelligencer steam power presses. 1863. 80 p.

A full and faithful report of the memorable trial of Bardell against Pickwick: extracted from The Pickwick papers
Dickens, Charles
[s.l. s.n.]. 1974. 69 p.

A full and genuine history of the inhuman and unparalleled murders of Mr. William Galley, a custom-house offier, and Mr. Daniel Chater, a shoemaker, by fourteen notorious smugglers: with the trials and execution of seven of the bloody criminals at Chichester : also the trials of John Mills and Henry Sheerman, with an account of the wicked lives of the said Henry Sheerman, Lawrence and Thomas Kemp, Robert Fuller, and Jockey Brown, condemned at East Grinsted : with the trials of Thomas Kingsmill and other smugglers for breaking open the custom house at Poole : to the whole is added a sermon preached in the Cathedral Church of Chichester at a special assize held there
Gentleman of Chichester ; Ashburnham, William
Chichester. Printed and sold by W. Mason. [ca. 1800?]. 160 p., [7] leaves of plates.

A full and impartial account of the Company of Mississippi, otherwise call'd the French East-India-Company, projected and settled by Mr. Law: in French and English
London. Printed for R. Francklin ... [and 4 others]. 1720. [2], 79, [1] p.

A full and impartial examination of the Rev. Mr. John Wesley's address to the Americans: in which that gentleman's inconsistencies are remarked, his assertions proved groundless, and his principles in general demonstrated to be subversive of the British constitution : the whole interspersed with remarks upon American affairs
Friend to the people and their liberties
[Manchester?. s.n. 1775]. 36 p.

A full and interesting account of the great hippopotamus: or river horse: from the White Nile
New York. [S. Booth. 1863]. 32 p.

A full and just account of the present state of the Ottoman Empire in all its branches: with the government, and policy, religion, customs, and way of living of the Turks in general
Hill, Aaron
London. J. Mayo. 1710. [6], xiv, [8], 339 p.

A Full and particular account of the life and transactions of Roger Johnson
New York. Garland Pub. 1975. 234 p. in various pagings.

A full and particular account of the sufferings of William Gatenby
Gatenby, William
New York. Garland Pub. 1978. 8 p.

A Full and particular answer to all the calumnies, misrepresentations, and falsehoods contained in a pamphlet called a Fourth letter to the people of England
London. Printed for T. Harris. 1756. [2], 61, [1] p.

A full and particular narrative of the life, character, and conduct of John Banks, a native of Nieuport, in Austrian Flanders, who is to be executed on the 11th day of July, 1806, for the wilful murder of his wife Maragaret Banks: to which is prefixed, a correct copy of his trial & condemnation, with an appendix, containing his confession, voluntarily made by himself, in the presence of the editor, attended by one of his keepers, who, (if required,) will testify to its truth
Banks, John
New-York. Printed for the proprietor. 1806. 21 p.

A full and plain account of the gout: from whence will be clearly seen, the folly, or the baseness, of all pretenders to the cure of it : in which every thing material by the best writers on that subject is taken notice of
Warner, Ferdinando
Dublin. Printed for James Williams, Bookseller. 1769. 243 p.

A full and rich measure: 100 years of educating women at Agnes Scott College, 1889-1989
Sayrs, M. Lee ; Cozzens, Christine S
Atlanta, Ga. Susan Hunter Pub., Inc. c1990. 86 p.

A full and true account of the prodigious experiment brought to prefection in Boston at Father Burke's academy, to the glory of God, the propagation of the truth, and the suppression of venery
Cossart, Theophilus ; Glass, Montague ; Rogers, Bruce
New York. Printed by the Marchbanks Press for the author. 1928. v, 19 p.

A full and true account of the wonderful mission of Earl Lavender: which lasted one night and one day; with a history of the pursuit of Earl Lavender and Lord Brumm by Mrs. Scamler and Maud Emblem
Davidson, John
London. Ward & Downey limited. 1895. xii, 290 p.

A full and true account of the wonderful mission of Earl Lavender
Davidson, John
New York. Garland Pub. 1977. xii, 290 p.

A full and true account of the wonderful mission of Earl Lavender, which lasted one night and one day: with a history of the pursuit of Earl Lavender and Lord Brumm by Mrs Scamler and Maud Emblem
Davidson, John
Kansas City. Valancourt Books. 2008. p. cm.

A Full and true relation as well of the blovving up of the Ann frigat and one fire-ship, wherein was destroyed 131 men, 7 women, and 4 children, as also of the examination, tryal, and condemnation of John Adams, the gunner thereunto belonging, as the occasion of that accident
[London]. Printed by A. Purslow. in the year 1673. 8 p.

A full and true relation of a new hellish popish plot in Ireland carried on by the papists in the province of Munster: with the manner how they would have possessed themselves of that strong city of Limerick and the castle thereof in order to the receiving French forces in the great River Shanon and for their landing there
W. S
London. [s.n.]. printed in the year 1679. [2], 2 p.

A Full and true state of the controversy, concerning The marrow of modern divinity: as debated between the General Assembly, and several ministers in the year 1720 and 1721
Fisher, Edward
Glasgow. Printed by John Bryce. 1773. 184 p.

A full answer to all popular objections that have yet appear'd for not taking the oath of allegiance to Their Present Majesties ... shewing both from Scripture and the laws of the land the reasonableness thereof
Long, Thomas
London. Printed and are to be sold by R. Baldwin. 1689. [4], 83, [1] p.

A full answer to the Conduct of the allies
London. Printed. 1712. 95 p.

A full answer to the depositions and to all other the pretences and arguments whatsoever concerning the birth of the Prince of Wales: the intreague thereof detected, the whole design being set forth, with the way and manner of doing it : whereunto is annexed a map or survey engraven of St. James's Palace and the convent there, describing the place wherein it is supposed the true mother was delivered, with the particular doors and passages through which the child was convey'd to the Queen's bed-chamber
London. Printed for Simon Burgis. 1689. [4], 21, [1] p., [1] folded leaf of plates.

A full answer to the Letter from a by-stander, &c: wherein his false calculations and misrepresentations of facts in the time of King Charles II are refuted, and an historical account is given of all the Parliamentary aids in that reign, from the journals of the House of Commons : the ancient and modern power of the Crown, and the excessive height to which it is risen of late, are clearly represented, and reasons offered for restoring to the freeholders of England their ancient right of chusing high sheriffs and justices of the peace in the county courts, as a proper means of restoring the ballance of our constitution, and putting a stop to the progress of corruption
Carte, Thomas
London. Printed for J. Robinson. 1742. [2], 214 p.

A full blown Yankee of the Iron Brigade: service with the Sixth Wisconsin Volunteers
Dawes, Rufus R ; Nolan, Alan T
Lincoln [Neb.]. University of Nebraska Press. 1999. xv, 330 p.

A full century of communism: the history of the Alethians, formally called Shakers
Allen, M. Catherine
Pittsfield, Mass. Press of Eagle Pub. Co. 1897. 16 p.

A full circle: poems
Harvey, Andrew
London. A. Deutsch. 1981. 56 p.

A full, clear, and familiar explanation of the law concerning bills of exchange, promissory notes, and the evidence on a trial by jury relative thereto: with a description of bank notes, and the privilege of attornies
Lovelass, Peter
Philadelphia. Printed by Joseph Crukshank. 1791. x, [136] p.

A full, clear, and succinct discussion of the preliminary articles of peace, as published by authority: most humbly submitted to the king, the senate, and the people
Eminent citizen
London. Printed for S. Williams. [1763]. 20 p.

A Full color photographic tour of North Carolina from the mountains to the sea
Charlotte, N.C. Aerial Photography Services. c1980. 68 p.

A Full color photographic tour of the Great Smoky Mountains, America's most popular National Park
Doane, Jim
Charlotte, N.C. Aerial Photography Services. c1981. [72] p.

A full confutation of witchcraft: more particularly of the depositions against Jane Wenham, lately condemned for a witch; at Hertford. In which modern notions of witches are overthrown, and the ill consequences of such doctrines are exposed by arguments; proving that witchcraft is priestcraft
London. Printed for J. Baker. 1712. 48 (i.e.40) p.

A full creel
Hall, Henry Marion ; Ray, Ralph
New York. Longmans, Green & co. 1946. x, 181 p.

A full description of modern dances
Rivers, C. H
Brooklyn. [1885]. 63, [1] p.

A full discovery of the false evidence produc'd by the papists against the most reverend the learned Dr. Tho. Tenison
Lamb, Catharine
London. Printed for John and Thomas Lane. 1688. 8 p.

A Full employment program for the 1970s
Gartner, Alan ; Lynch, William ; Riessman, Frank
New York. Praeger. 1976. xiii, 144 p.

A full enquiry into the true nature of pastoral (1717)
Purney, Thomas ; Wasserman, Earl R
[Ann Arbor]. Augustan reprint Society. 1948. 5, 72 p.

A fuller answer to a treatise written by Doctor Ferne, entituled The resolving of conscience upon this question, whether upon this supposition, or case (the King will not defend, but is bent to subvert religion, lawes and liberties) subjects may with good conscience make resistance
Herle, Charles ; Ferne, H
London. Printed for Iohn Bartlet. 1642. 24 p.

A Fuller explanation: the synergetic geometry of R. Buckminster Fuller
Edmondson, Amy C
Boston. Birkhäuser. c1987. xx, 302 p.

A full-grown nation
McGuire, Edna
New York. The Macmillan company. [1946]. viii, [2], 502 p.

A full hand
Yezerski, Thomas
New York. Farrar Straus Giroux. 2002. 1 v. (unpaged).

A full hearing: orality and literacy in the Malay world
Sweeney, Amin
Berkeley. University of California Press. c1987. ix, 338 p.

A full heart
Field, Edward
New York. Sheep Meadow Press : distributed by Horizon Press. 1977. 103 p.

A Full history of the great breach of promise case of Nannie A. Dickey vs. John B. Tytus
Dickey, Nancy A ; Tytus, John B
Cincinnati, Ohio. Independent Pub. Co. 1878. 176 p., [10] leaves of plates.

A full history of the wonderful career of Moody and Sankey in Great Britain and America
Goodspeed, E. J
[New York. AMS Press. 1973]. 617 p.

A full house: growing up Italian : a memoir
Harrison, Rita Conti
Portsmouth, N.H. Peter E. Randall Publisher. 2002. x, 116 p.

A full house: a farce in three acts
Jackson, Frederick
New York. S. French. c1922. 122 p.

A full house: an Austin family Christmas
L'Engle, Madeleine ; Chambers, Mary
Wheaton, Ill. Harold Shaw Publishers. 1999. 44 p.

A full house
Nichols, Nadia
Toronto . Harlequin. c2004. 296 p.

A full house: a Canadian historical novel of pioneer adventure
Ross, Lillian
Drayton Valley, Alta. Grassroots Pub. [2000]. 362 p.

A full house
Ziner, Feenie
Chicago. Center for Study of Multiple Birth. 1983. 223 p.

A full house
Ziner, Feenie
New York. Simon and Schuster. [1967]. 223 p.

A full house: the Esso guide to the performing arts collections of the National Library of Australia
Potter, Michelle
Canberra. National Library of Australia. 1991. xi, 179 p.

A Full house family scrapbook
New York. Scholastic Inc. c1993. 32 p.

A full house of fantasy: the work of Patricia Nix
Nix, Patricia
Staten Island, N.Y. Staten Island Institute of Arts and Sciences. 1986. 56 p.

A full Howes: a catalogue of books and pamphlets listed in Wright Howes' U.S.iana
Jenkins, John Holmes ; Parrish, Michael ; Sloan, Dorothy ; Howes, Wright
Austin, Tex. (Box 2085, Austin 78768). Jenkins Co. 1981. ca. 300 p.

A full income approach to the measurement of rural poverty
Gardner, Bruce L
Raleigh. Dept. of Economics and Business, North Carolina State University. 1975. 38 p.

A full investigation of the historic performance of the first play in English in the New World--the case of Ye bare & ye cubbe, 1665
Eis, Joel
Lewiston, N.Y. Edwin Mellen Press. c2004. viii, 217 p.

A full key to a practical system of book-keeping by single and double entry
Mayhew, Ira
New York. Cady and Burgess. 1851. iii, 4-96p.

A full life: the autobiography of a Pentecostal pioneer
Carter, John
[Nottingham]. [Assemblies of God in Great Britain and Ireland]. 1979. 200 p., [8] p. of plates.

A full life
Douglas, Helen Gahagan
Garden City, N.Y. Doubleday. 1982. x, 444 p., [4] leaves of plates.

A full life: the story of Van Dearing Perrine
Flockhart, Lolita Lucia Woolrich
Boston. The Christopher publishing house. [c1939]. 3 p. l., iii-ix, 11-302 p.

A full life
Horrocks, Brian
London. L. Cooper. 1974. 342 p.

A full life after 65
Stern, Edith M
New York. Public Affairs Committee. 1963]. 28 p.

A full life in a small place: and other essays from a desert garden
Bowers, Janice Emily
Tucson. University of Arizona Press. c1993. x, 166 p.

A full life in the country: the Sudbury and district survey and plan
Jeremiah, Keith
London. Batsford. 1949. 86 p.

A full moon in March
Yeats, W. B
London. Macmillan and co., ltd. 1935. vii, 69, [1] p., 1 l.

A full moon of women: 29 word portraits of notable women from different times & places : + 1 void of course
Molinaro, Ursule
New York. Dutton. c1990. viii, 149 p.

A full moon on Christmas Eve
Stellini, T
W. Bloomfield, MI. Cielo Pub. c1996. iii, 85 p.

A full-orbed Christianity: the protestant churches and social welfare in Canada, 1900-1940
Christie, Nancy ; Gauvreau, Michael
Montreal . McGill-Queen's University Press. c1996. xiv, 367 p.

A Full relation of another voyage into the West Indies, made by Sir Francis Drake: accompanied with Sir John Hawkins, Sir Thomas Baskerfield, Sir Nicholas Clifford, and others. Who set forth from Plimouth on the 28. of August 1595
London. Printed for N. Bourne. 1652. [43]-60 p.

A full reply to certaine briefe observations and anti-queries on Master Prynnes twelve questions about church-government: wherein the frivolousness, falsenesse, and grosse mistakes of this anonymous answerer (ashamed of his name) and his weak grounds for independency and separation are modestly discovered, reselled
Prynne, William ; Leach, Francis ; Sparke, Michael
London. Printed by F.L. for Michael Sparke senior. 1644. 24 p.

A full report, embracing all the evidence and arguments in the case of the Commonwealth of Virginia vs. Thomas Ritchie, Jr: tried at the spring term of the Chesterfield Superior Court, 1846 : to which is added, an appendix, shewing the action of the court in relation to the other parties, Messrs. P.J. Archer, W. Greenhow, and William Scott, connected with the said case
Ritchie, Thomas
New-York. Burgess, Stringer and Co. 1846. 91, [4] p., [1] folded leaf of plates.

A full report of all the proceedings on the trial of the Rev. William Jackson at the bar of His Majesty's Court of King's Bench, Ireland, on an indictment for high treason
Jackson, William
London. Printed for G.G. and J. Robinson ... and J. Debrett. 1795. [2], 142 p.

A full report of the case of Mastin v. Escott, clerk, for refusing to bury an infant baptized a Wesleyan minister: containg all the arguments on both sides and the judgment delivered by the Right Honourable Sir Herbert Jenner, in the Arches Court of Canterbury, May 8th, 1841 : with an appendix of documents
Mastin, Frederick George ; Escott, Thomas Sweet ; Curteis, W. C
London. Crofts and Blenkarn. 1841. 298 p.

A full report of the case of Stacy Decow and Joseph Hendrickson vs. Thomas L. Shotwell: decided at a special term of the New Jersey Court of Appeals held at Trenton in July and August, eighteen hundred and thirty-three : embracing the decision of the Court of Chancery, from which the appeal was made, the arguments of the counsel of each side, and the final decision of the Court of Appeals
Decow, Stacy ; Hendrickson, Joseph ; Shotwell, Thomas Latham
Philadelphia. P.J. Gray. 1834. vi, 723 p.

A full report of the evidence in the case of Sir John M'Neill, G.C.B., against James Scott & Co: chemical manure manufacturers, Granton
McNeill, John
Edinburgh. [James Scott & Co.]. 1866. 52 p.

A full report of the great Gaines case, in the suit of Myra Gaines vs. Chew, Relf & others: for the recovery of property of the late Daniel Clark, involving several millions, in which the legitimacy of the plaintiff, is investigated, and her romantic and interesting history developed : including the depositions and documents in the case, the speeches of the lawyers (embracing some of the most eminent talent of the bar of Louisiana and Alabama) and the decision of Judge McCaleb
Walker, Alexander ; Gaines, Myra Clark ; Chew, Beverly ; Relf, Richard
New Orleans. Printed at the office of the Daily Delta. 1850. v, 85 p.

A full report of the highly interesting breach of promise case: George G. Barnard vs. John J. Gaul and Mary H., his wife, tried before Ogden Edwards, Esquire, one of the circuit judges of the Supreme Court, at the City Hall of New York on the 8th, 9th and 10th days of July, 1835 : containing the whole of the correspondence between the plaintiff and Mrs. Gaul, together with the charge of the judge, and the eloquent speeches of the counsel on both sides
Barnard, George G ; Gaul, John J ; Gaul, Mary H
[New York]. Office of the New-York transcript. [1835]. 27 p.

A full report of the important toll cause of Brett v. Fisher: tried in the Court of King's Bench, Westminister before the Lord Chief Justice : being a second trial to determine the right of the Corporation of Cambridge to exact certain tolls from the inhabitants and others
Brett, Joseph ; Fisher, Thomas ; Fisher, Thomas Hall ; Fisher, George
Cambridge. Printed and sold by W. Hatfield. [1828?]. 309 p.

A full report of the jury cause, Syme v. Lizars, on Thursday, March 12, 1840
Syme, James ; Lizars, John
[Edinburgh]. Edinburgh Printing & Publishing Co. 1840. 23 p.

A full report of the proceedings of the National Conference on the reduction of crime: called by the National crime commission
Baker, Newton Diehl
Washington, D.C. November 2nd and 3rd, 1927. [257] l.

A Full report of the public meeting held to do honor to the memory of the late Baboo Ramgopaul Ghosh
[S.l. s.n. 1868?]. 36 p.

A full report of the Public Meeting of the Landholders of Bengal on the Permanent Settlement Question, held at the British Indian Association rooms, on the 3rd April 1871
[S.l. s.n. 1871?]. 31 p.

A full report of the speeches delivered at the annual public meeting held in the large room of the Free Trade Hall, Manchester, on Wednesday, October 26th, 1870
Trevelyan, Charles E
London. R. Newton. [1870]. 32 p.

A full report of the trial at bar, in the Court of King's bench, in which the Right Hon. Arthur Wolfe, His Majesty's attorney general, prosecuted, and A.H. Rowan Esq. was defendant: on an information filed ex officio against the defendant, for having published a seditious libel : January 29, 1794
Rowan, Archibald Hamilton
Perth. Printed by R. Morison, Junior for R. Morison & Son, booksellers. 1794. 109, [1] p.

A full report of the trial at bar, in the Court of King's Bench, of William Drennan, M.D: upon an indictment, charging him with having written and published a seditious libel : with the speeches of counsel, and the opinions of the court at large
Drennan, William
Dublin. Printed and published by J. Rea ... and G. Johnson. 1794. [2], 92 p.

A full report of the trial of Capt. William H. Tower: charged with feloniously scuttling the barque Brothers' Pride, of Saint Johns, N.B., on the 7th day of May, 1879, in the Gulf Stream off the coast of Florida
Tower, William H
Saint John, N.B. Telegraph Steam Job Print. 1880. 200 p.

A full report of the trial of Her Majesty Caroline Amelia Elizabeth, Queen of England, before the peers of Great Britain: the whole of the evidence, as it came out on the various examinations and cross-examinations of the witnesses : the speeches and proceedings of the peers, the opinions of the judges, the arguments of counsel on points of law, and the practice, of various tribunals
London. Published by T. Dolby. 1820. 2 v.

A full report of the trial of James Blomfield Rush for the murder of Mr. Jermy and his son, of Stanfield Hall, in the County of Norfolk: commencing on Wednesday, March 28, and concluded April 4, 1849, at Norwich Assizes
Rush, James Blomfield
London. Printed and published by W.M. Clark. [1849]. 102 p., 3 leaves of plates.

A full report of the trial of James Stuart, Esq., younger of Dunearn: before the High Court of Justiciary, 10th June 1822 : with an appendix containing documents, &c
Stuart, James
Edinburgh. John Anderson, Jun. 1822. iv, [1], 4-84, 11 p.

A full report of the trial of James Stuart, Esq., Younger of Dunearn before the High Court of Justiciary, 10th June 1822: with an appendix containing documents, &c
Stuart, James ; Member of the court
Edinburgh. John Anderson, Jun. 1822. iv, [3]-84, 11 p.

A full report of the trial of John Gordon and William Gordon: charged with the murder of Amasa Sprague, before the Supreme Court of Rhode-Island, March term 1844
Gordon, John ; Gordon, William ; Larned, Edward C ; Knowles, William
Providence. Printed at the office of the Daily transcript. 1844. 45, [3] p., [1] folded leaf of plates.

A full report of the trial of Orrin Woodford for the murder of his wife, Diane Woodford at Avon, Conn., July 22d, 1845: at the January term of the Superior Court, holden at Hartford, 1846, including the arguments of counsel, and accompanied by plans of the house and premises, where the homicide was committed together with an accurate portrait of the prisoner
Woodford, Orrin ; Morgan, Nathaniel H
Hartford. E. Greer. 1846. 69 p.

A full report of the trial of the Henry Hetherington on an indictment for blasphemy: before Lord Denman and a special jury, at the Court of Queen's Bench, Westminster, on Tuesday, December 8, 1840 : for selling Haslam's letters to the clergy of all denominations : with the whole of the authorities cited in the defence, at full length
Hetherington, H
London. H. Hetherington. 1840. 32 p.

A Full self assessment system of taxation
Keating, P. J
[Canberra, ACT. Australian Taxation Office. 1990]. 31 p.

A full service bank: how BCCI stole billions around the world
Adams, James Ring ; Frantz, Douglas
New York. Pocket Books. 1992. xi, 381 p.

A full statement of the trial and acquittal of Aaron Burr, Esq: containing all the proceedings and debates that took place before the federal court at Frankfort, Kentucky, November 25, 1806
Burr, Aaron ; Wood, John
Alexandria. Printed by Cottom and Stewart. 1807. 36 p.

A full vindication of the Dutchess Dowager of Marlborough: both with regard to the account lately published by Her Grace, and to her character in general, against the base and malicious invectives contained in a late scurrilous pamphlet entitled Remarks on the account, &c
Fielding, Henry
London. Printed for J. Roberts. 1742. [4], 44 p.

A fully accredited ocean: essays on the Great Lakes
Brehm, Victoria
Ann Arbor. University of Michigan Press. c1998. 249 p.

A fully-illustrated catalogue of Delandre's French military vignettes, 1914-1917
Schmidt, Walter ; Delandre
[S.l.]. W. Schmidt. 1984. vii, 151 p.

A fully illustrated sales and reference listing of 19th century printed ephemera
Mobley, William Frost
Wilbraham, Mass. W.F. and E.D. Mobley. 1980. 1 v. (unpaged).

A fulminada imagen
Costa, Carlos da
Lisboa. Editorial Estampa. 1968. iii,43 l.

A fulness of joy
Draper, Richard D
American Fork, UT. Covenant Communications. c2002. 184 p.

A Fulton Sheen reader
Sheen, Fulton J
St. Paul. Carillon Books. 1979. iv, 219 p.

A fumaça de Satanás
Silveira, Geraldo Tito
Montes Claros, [Brazil]. Gráfica e Papelaria BH. 1984. 103, [4] p.

A fű majd megnő: [versek]
Szokolay, Zoltán
Budapest. Magvető. c1985. 100 p.

A funcʹao convergente da cultura portuguesa
Moreira, Adriano
Rio de Janeiro. 1966. 19 p.

A função da avaliação na tomada de decisões educacionais
Oliveira, Mariza Rocha e ; Oliveira, João Batista Araújo e
Brasília. Ministério da Educação e Cultura. 1973. 85 leaves.

A função de produção de Cobb-Douglas e a análise inter-regional da produção agrícola
Girão, José António
Lisboa. Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Centro de Estudos de Economia Agrária. 1965. xiii, 117 p., [6] folded leaves of plates.

A funcʹao do inconsciente na artes plasticas
Silva, Helcio Pereira da
[Rio de Janeiro]. Sociedade dos Artistas Nacionais. [1951]. 232 p.

A função do orientador educacional
Carvalho, Maria de Lourdes Ramos da Silva
São Paulo. Cortez & Moraes. 1979. 129 p. ; 21 cm.

A função económica e social do administrador de emprêsas
Amzalak, Moses Bensabat
Lisboa. [s.n.]. 1945. 21 p.

A função empresa na integração latino-americana
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