A letter humbly addrest to the most excellent father of his country, the wise and victorious Prince, King William III
Dutiful and well meaning subject ; Stephens, William
London. Printed by J. Darby. 1698. 24 p.

A letter humbly submitted to the perusal and consideration of the electors and people of England
London. Printed for R. Baldwin. 1774. 58 p.

A letter in praise of Verona: (1489) : in the original Latin text
Barduzzi, Bernardino ; Radice, Betty ; Nesi, Giovanni ; Mardersteig, Giovanni
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A letter in the scroll: understanding our Jewish identity and exploring the legacy of the world's oldest religion
Sacks, Jonathan
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A letter is a gift forever: the charm and tradition of a handwritten note
Littauer, Florence ; Bennett, Tammy ; Sweet, Rose ; Boassy, Gay Talbott
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A letter missive from Sir Philip Francis to Lord Holland, dated 10th June, published 1st July, 1816
Francis, Philip
London. Ridgways. 1816. 78 p.

A letter of advice
Bacon, Francis ; Buckingham, George Villiers
London. Printed for R.H. and H.B. 1661. [2], 14 p.

A letter of advice to a young gentleman leaving the university concerning his behaviour and conversation in the world
Lingard, R ; Erb, Frank C
New York. [McAufliffe & Booth]. 1907. 45 p.

A letter of advice to his grandchildren, Matthew, Gabriel, Anne, Mary, and Frances Hale
Hale, Matthew
Boston. Wells and Lilly, b Sold by Van Winkle and Wiley. 1817. [2], 206 p.

A letter of an independent to his honoured friend Mr. Glyn, Recorder of London
Swadlin, Thomas ; Glynne, John
[Oxford]. Printed [by L. Lichfield]. 1645 [i.e. 1646]. [2], 9, [1] p.

A letter of Christopher Columbus
Columbus, Christopher
[S.l. s.n. after 29 Apr. 1493]. [8] p.

A letter of Columbus
Citino, David ; Rice, Anthony ; Columbus, Christopher
[Columbus, Ohio]. Logan Elm Press at the Ohio State University. 1990. [37] p.

A letter of consolation
Nouwen, Henri J. M
San Francisco. Harper & Row. c1982. 96 p.

A letter of His Excellency Edmund Randolph, Esquire, on the federal constitution, Richmond, October 10, 1787
Randolph, Edmund
[Richmond. Printed by Augustine Davis. 1787]. 16 p.

A letter of His Grace the Duke of Richmond, in answer to the queries proposed by a committee of correspondence in Ireland, on the subject of a parliamentary reform: together with resolutions of the volunteer delegates of the Province of Ulster, a letter to the Volunteer Army of Ulster, and other important papers
Richmond and Lennox, Charles Lennox ; Sharman, William
London. Printed for J. Stockdale. 1783. [2], ii, 60 p.

A letter of hope
Schwarz, Amelia Grant ; Worcester, Elwood
New York. Moffat, Yard & Company. 1908. 37 p.

A letter of inquiry to ministers of the gospel of all denominations on slavery
Lord, Nathan
Boston. Fetridge and Co. 1854. 32 p.

A letter of John McDonogh, on African colonization: addressed to the editors of the New-Orleans commercial bulletin
McDonogh, John
New Orleans. printed at the Commercial bulletin office. 1842. 32 p.

A letter of Junipero Serra to the reverend father preacher Fray Fermin Francisco de Lasuen: a bicentennial discovery
Serra, Junipero ; Lasuén, Fermín Francisco de
Boston. D. R. Godine. 1970. [15] p.

A letter of Junipero Serra to the reverend father preacher Fray Fermin Francisco de Lasuen: a bicentennial discovery
Serra, Junípero ; Lasuén, Fermín Francisco de
[California]. Press in Hugus Alley. 1984. [16] p.

A letter of Lieut. W.T. Sherman reporting on conditions in California in 1848: from the original in the collection of Thos. W. Norris
Sherman, William T ; Norris, Thomas W
Carmel, Calif. Thos. W. Norris. 1947. 8 p.

A letter of many ministers in old England requesting the judgement of their reverend brethren in New England concerning nine positions
Ashe, Simeon ; Rathband, William ; Ball, John
London. Printed by Thomas Underhill. 1643. [12], 90 [i.e. 86] p.

A letter of Mary: a Mary Russell novel
King, Laurie R
New York. St. Martin's Press. 1997. viii, 276 p.

A letter of Mary: a Mary Russell novel
King, Laurie R
Thorndike, Me. G.K. Hall. 1997. 384 p. (large print).

A letter of Meric Casaubon to Peter du Moulin concerning natural experimental philosophie (1669) and Of credulity and incredulity (1668, 1670)
Casaubon, Meric ; Du Moulin, Peter ; Casaubon, Meric ; Casaubon, Meric
Delmar, N.Y. Scholars' Facsimilies & Reprints. 1976. 600 p. in various pagings.

A letter of Montgomery Gibbs, United States Revenue Agent: to Hon. Hugh McCulloch, Secretary of the Treasury, giving an account of the successful efforts of the Treasury Department to suppress fraud and protect the revenue, and the devices attempted for the purpose of defeating these eforts; with a refutation of the false statements of a report signed by three of the nine members of the House "Committee on Public Expenditure."
Gibbs, Montgomery
Paris. Printed by E. Briere. 1867. 22 p.

A letter of Mr. John Cottons: teacher of the Church in Boston in Nevv-England, to Mr. Williams, a preacher there. Wherein is shewed, that those ought to be received into the curch who are godly, though they doe not see, nor expressly bewaile all the pollutions in church-fellowship, ministery, worship, government
Cotton, John ; Williams, Roger
London. Printed for B. Allen. 1643. 13 p.

A letter of Pedro de Alvarado relating to his expedition to Ecuador
Saville, Marshall Howard ; Alvarado, Pedro de
New York. Museum of the American Indian, Heye Foundation. 1917. 6 p.

A letter of Philoxenus of Mabbug sent to a friend
Philoxenus ; Olinder, Gunnar
Göteborg. [Wettergren & Kerber]. 1950. x, 45*, 63 p.

A letter of Philoxenus of Mabbug sent to a novice
Philoxenus ; Olinder, Gunnar
Göteborg. Elanders boktryckeri aktiebolag. 1941. vii, 20 p.

A letter of private direction
Author of The cloud of unknowing ; Griffiths, John
New York. Crossroad. 1981. 127 p.

A letter of private direction
Author of The cloud of unknowing ; Walsh, James
London. Burns & Oates. 1965, c1963. 77 p.

A letter of reproof to Mr. John Cleaveland of Ipswich: occasioned by a defamatory libel published under his name, intitled, An essay to defend some of the most important principles in the Protestant reformed system of Christianity, &c., against the injurious aspersions cast on the same, by Jonathan Mayhew, D.D. in his late thanksgiving sermons on Psalm CXLV. 9. in which, &c
Mayhew, Jonathan
Boston. Printed and sold by R. and S. Draper ... Edes and Gill ... and T. & J. Fleet. 1764. 49, [3] p.

A letter of resolution concerning Origen and the chief of his opinions
Rust, George ; Nicolson, Marjorie Hope
New York. Published for the Facsimile text society by Columbia university press. 1933. 3 p. l.

A letter of thanks from my Lord W*****n to the Lord Bp. of S. Asaph: in the name of the Kit-Cat-Club
Swift, Jonathan
[London?. s.n.]. printed in the year 1712. 14, [2] p.

A letter of the ministers of the city of London, presented the first of Ian. 1645 to the reverend Assembly of Divines ... against toleration
London. Printed for Samuel Gellibrand. 1645 [i.e. 1646]. [2], 6 p.

A Letter of Washingtonʼs on Indian affairs: to Edmund Pendleton
Washington, George
[S.l. s.n. 1891?]. 4 p.

A letter of wise counsel: studies in the First Epistle of Peter
Maycock, Edward A
New York. Association Press. [1957]. 93 p.

A letter on catheters
Franklin, Benjamin ; Franklin, John ; Keyes, Edward L
Fulton, N.Y. Here reproduced with the permission of the Library publication fund committee, and printed & distributed by the Morrill press. 1934. [6] p.

A Letter on currency matters: to the people of the United States
New York. Printed by T. & C. Wood & Co. 1841. vi, [7]-36 p.

A letter on devotion at church
Dewey, Orville
Boston. Wait, Greene. 1827. 12 p.

A letter on Lincoln
Godkin, Edwin Lawrence
Riverside, Conn. The Hillacre Bookhouse. 1913. [14] p.

A letter on national currency: addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury
Lord, Eleazar
New York. A. D. F. Randolph. 1861. 24 p.

A letter on national education, to the Duke of Bedford, K.G. from Lord Brougham
Brougham and Vaux, Henry Brougham ; Bedford, John Russell
Edinburgh. A. and C. Black; [etc., etc.]. 1839. 48 p.

A letter on parliamentary reform: containing a sketch of a plan
Tooke, John Horne
London. Printed for James Ridgway. [1783?]. [4], 31, [1] p.

A letter on prohibition and God's law: to the reverend J.B.C
Brand, William Francis
Baltimore. Cushings & Bailey. 1886. 35 p.

A letter on protracted meetings: addressed to the church in Paris
Weeks, William R
[Utica. s.n.]. 1832. 16 p.

A letter on Shakspeare's authorship of The two noble kinsmen; a drama commonly ascribed to John Fletcher
Spalding, William
Edinburgh. A. and C. Black; [etc., etc.]. 1833. 1 p. l., 111 p.

A letter on Shakspere's authorship of The two noble kinsmen: and on the characteristics of Shakspere's style and the secret of his supremacy
Spalding, William ; Burton, John Hill ; Furnivall, Frederick James
London. Tru˜bner. 1876. xxii, 118 p.

A letter on speculative freemasonry
Merrick, Pliny
Worcester. Dorr amd Howland. 1829. 20 p.

A letter on speculative free masonry
Sumner, Charles Pinckney
Boston. J.Marsh. 1829. 20p.

A letter on the abolition of the slave trade: addressed to the freeholders and other inhabitants of Yorkshire
Wilberforce, William
London. Printed by L. Hansard for T. Cadell & W. Davies. 1807. iii, 396 p.

A letter on the Anglican church's claims
Irvine, Ingram N. W ; Seymour, George F ; Hall, Randall Cooke ; Seabury, William Jones ; Lodyzhenskii, Nikolai Nikolaevich
New York. St. Nicholas' Cathedral, English Department. [1906]. 127 p.

A letter on the Bank of England charter: and Lord Overstone's theory of currency
Phillips, Edmund
London. Printed by J. Bowie. [1861]. 16 p.

A letter on the currency
Cooper, Peter
[New York. 1875]. 15 p.

A letter on the dangers to England of Austria's subjugation: addressed to the committees of the Foreign Affairs Association
Monteith, Robert
London. Printed by C. Whiting. 1859. 8 p.

A letter on the game laws
Country gentleman
London. Baldwin, Cradock and Joy, and J. Hatchard. 1815. 44 p.

A letter on the genius and dispositions of the French government: including a view of the taxation of the French empire
Walsh, Robert
Philadelphia. Hopkins and Earle. 1810. iv, 253 p.

A letter on the greater necessity of an abolition of the African slave trade in consequence of the insurrection at St. Domingo & c
Gentleman long resident in Jamaica
Bath. Printed by R. Cruttwell. 1792. 8 p.

A letter on the late Post Office agitation
Vaughan, C. J
London. John Murray. 1849. 15 p.

A letter on the moral causes that have produced the evil spirit of the times: addressed to the Honorable James Harper, mayor of New-York. Including a vindication of the author from the infamous charges made against him by Jas. Gordon Bennett, William L. Stone, and others
Hughes, John
New-York. J. Winchester. [1844]. 23 p.

A letter on the nature and state of curiosity as at present with us: First treating of luxury and the use of riches; and then of the knowledge and use of matters of curiosity in particular: as, drawings, paintings ... medals, &c
London. Printed for J. Roberts. 1736. 66 p.

A letter on the political obligations of abolitionists
Birney, James Gillespie ; Garrison, William Lloyd
Boston. Dow & Jackson, printers. 1839. 36 p.

A letter on the political obligations of abolitionists
Birney, James Gillespie ; Garrison, William Lloyd
New York. Arno Press. 1969. 36 p.

A letter on the present condition and future prospects of the Reading Railroad: in January 1855
Sanderson, J. M
New York [N.Y.]. Baker, Godwin & Co. 1855. 13 p.

A letter on the present measures of finance: in which the bill now depending in Parliament is particularly considered
Lauderdale, James Maitland
London. Printed for J. Debrett ... and G.G. and J. Robinson. 1798. [4], 48 p.

A letter on the principles of the Christian faith
Sinclair, Hannah ; Richmond, Legh
Baltimore. F. Lucas, Jr. 1822. vi, [7]-112 p.

A letter on the sanitary condition of the troops in the neighborhood of Boston: addressed to His Excellency the Governor of Massachusetts
Howe, S. G
Washington. Govt. Print. Off. 1861. 16 p.

A letter on the secret tribunals of Westphalia: addressed to Elizabeth, Countess of Pembroke
Coxe, William
Salisbury. Printed and sold by J. Easton; sold also by T. Cadell, Jun. and W. Davies, (successors to Mr. Cadell) ... London. 1796. 33 p.

A letter on the seizure of papers
Temple, Richard Grenville-Temple
London. Printed for W. Flexney. 1763. [4], 27, [1] p.

A letter on the subject of the projected rail road between Liverpool & Manchester: pointing out the necessity for its adoption and the manifest advantages it offers to the public, with an exposure of the exorbitant & unjust charges of the water carriers
Sandars, Joseph
Liverpool. W. Wales & Co. 1825. 46 p.

A letter on the subject of the vice presidency, in favor of the claims of Jas. K. Polk, of Tennessee, to the nomination of the Democratic National Convention
A Tennesseean
Washington. Printed at the Globe Office. 1844. 7 p.

A letter on "Uncle Tom's cabin."
Helps, Arthur
Cambridge. John Bartlett. 1852. 29 p.

A Letter out of Holland, dated April 30, stilo nova, wherein is shewn the desperate and distracted condition of those countries and people: with a prophecie inclosed, made by one of their own astrologers, who predicts many strange and wonderful things
London. Printed by J.C. for R. Robinson. 1672. [2], 6 p.

A letter regarding roast pig to William Hazlitt and A letter on friendship to Robert Lloyd, together with A dissertation on roast pig
Lamb, Charles ; Hazlitt, William ; Lamb, Charles ; Lamb, Charles
[Saint Louis? Mo.]. W. K. Bixby. 1922. [43] p.

A letter relating the martyrdome of Ketaban, mother of Teimurases, prince of the Georgians & withall a notable imposture of the Iesuites vpon that occasion
Gregorios ; Lichfield, John
Oxford. Printed by John Lichfield. an. D. 1633. [6], 23, [3] p. (the last leaf blank).

A letter relating to the administration and present condition of the Post Office Department of the United States under the Hon. William T. Barry, Postmaster General
Smith, Francis O. J
Portland, Me. I. Berry and Co. 1835. 23 p.

A letter requesting subscriptions
London. Printed by Phillips & Farden. 1805. 3 leaves.

A letter respectfully addressed to the Reverend Mr. Channing: relative to his Two sermons on infidelity
English, George Bethune
Boston. Printed for the author. 1813. 41 p.

A letter sent by His Highness the Bishop & Prince of Munster to the Lords the States General of the United Netherlands
[Oxford]. Printed by command for F.B. ... at Oxford, by William Hall, and are to be sold by Thomas Bowman. 1665. [2], 13, [1] p.

A Letter sent from Ireland, dated at Dublin Decemb. 15, 1659, superscribed for the Right Honourable William Lenthall ..., read in Parliament January 5, 1659
London. Printed by John Streater and John Macock. 1659. [8] p.

A letter sent into England from the Summer Ilands
Hughes, Lewes
Printed at London. By I.B. for William Welby. 1615. [16] p.

A letter to **** ****** ********* [Lord George Sackville]
[London. s.n. 1759?]. 64 p.

A Letter to a Bishop concerning the present settlement and the new oaths
Comber, Thomas ; Gee, Edward
London. Printed for Robert Clavel. 1689. [4], 36 p.

A letter to a certain foreign minister: in which the grounds of the present war are truly stated, the conduct of the last administration [sic] in regard to foreign affairs fully vindicated, and the terms of a safe and honourable peace clearly pointed out
Britannus ; Carteret, John
London. Printed for M. Cooper. 1745. viii, 64, [1] p.

A Letter to a clergyman: in the colony of Connecticut, from his friend. In which, the true notion of orthodoxy is enquired into; and some thoughts are suggested concerning publick tests of orthodoxy, and the mischievous effects of setting up false tests thereof
New-Haven. Printed by James Parker, and Company. 1757. 24 p.

A letter to a country gentleman
London. Printed for J. Stockdale. 1784. 55, [1] p.

A letter to Adam Smith: and, Apology for the life and writings of David Hume, Esq
Horne, George ; Smith, Adam ; Pratt
London, England. Routledge/Thoemmes Press. 1994. xxi, 167 p.

A letter to a dissenter from his friend at the Hague, concerning the penal laws and the test: shevving that the popular plea for liberty of conscience is not concerned in that question
Defoe, Daniel
Tot de Hague. Gedruckt door Hans Verdraeght [i.e. London : s.n.]. 1688. 4 p.

A letter to a dissenter upon occasion of His Majesties late gracious declaration of indulgence
Halifax, George Savile
London. Printed for G.H. 1687. [2], 17, [1] p.

A Letter to a dissenting clergy-man of the Church of England, concerning the oath of allegiance and obedience to the present government
London. Printed for Richard Baldwin. 1690. [2], 34 p.

A letter to a doctor
Thompson, Brian Connor
[London]. Fabian Society. [1942?]. 20 p.

A letter to a foreign nobleman, on the present situation of France, with respect to the other states of Europe
Pictet, François Pierre
London. Printed for Hookham and Carpenter ... and sold by Sewell ... Symonds ... and Murray. 1793. [2], 103, [1] p.

A letter to a freeholder: on the reduction of the land tax to one shilling in the pound
Arnall, William
London. Printed for J. Peele. 1732. 64 p.

A letter to a friend: Giving a concise, but just, representation of the hardships and sufferings the town of Boston is exposed to, and must undergo in consequence of the late act of the British Parliament: which, by shutting up its port, has put a fatal bar in the way of that commercial business on which it depended for its support. Shewing at the same time, wherein this edict, however unintended, is powerfully adapted to promote the interest of all the American colonies, and even of Boston itself in the end
Chauncy, Charles
Boston, N. E. Printed and sold at Greenleaf's printing-office. 1774. 35 p.

A letter to a friend: upon occasion of a late book, intitled, Essays upon morality and natural religion
Edinburgh. Printed for G. Hamilton and J. Balfour. 1751. 70, [2] p.

A letter to a friend: occasion'd by the Bishop of St. Asaph's preface to his Four sermons
Trueman, Tom
London. Printed and sold by John Morphew. 1712. 24 p.

A letter to a friend
Chicago [etc.]. The Open Court Publishing co. 1928. 115 p.

A letter to a friend concerning a French invasion to restore the late King James to his throne and what may be expected from him should he be successful in it
Sherlock, William
London printed. ... Are to be sold by Randall Taylor. 1692. [2], 30 p.

A letter to a friend concerning naturalizations
Tucker, Josiah
London. Printed for Thomas Tyre. 1753. 29, [1] p.

A letter to a friend, concerning the Duke of Norfolk's bill
[London. s.n. 1700?]. [4] p.

A Letter to a friend. Concerning the East-India trade
London. E. Whitlock. 1696. [2], 3-20 p.

A letter to a friend, containing, remarks on certain passages in a sermon: preached, by the Right Reverend Father in God, John Lord Bishop of Landaff, before the incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, at their anniversary meeting in the parish church of St. Mary-le-Bow, February 20, 1767 : in which the highest reproach is undeservedly cast upon the American colonies
Chauncy, Charles ; Force, Peter
Boston. Printed by Kneeland and Adams in Milk-Street, for Thomas Leverett, in Corn-hill. 1767. 56 p.

A letter to a friend giving an account of all the treatises that have been publish'd with relation to the present persecution against the Church of Scotland
Monro, Alexander ; Meldrum, George
London. Printed for Joseph Hindmarsh. 1692. 32 p.

A letter to a friend in a slave state
Ingersoll, Charles
Philadelphia. [s.n.]. 1862. 59 p.

A Letter to a friend in the country
London. [s.n.]. printed in the year 1695. 10 p.

A letter to a friend, occasioned by my Lord Howard of Escrick's letter to his friend: with his protestation at the receiving the blessed sacrament in the Tower, July 3. 1681
London. Printed for A.B. anno Dom. 1681. 4 p.

A letter to a friend on commerce and free ports, and London-docks
[Vaughan, William]
London. Printed in the year 1796. 2 p.l., 24 p.

A letter to a friend on the reported marriage of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales
Tooke, John Horne
London. Printed for J. Johnson. 1787. [2], 75, [1] p.

A letter to a friend upon occasion of the death of his intimate friend
Browne, Thomas ; Keynes, Geoffrey
Boston. D. R. Godine. 1971. 41 p.

A letter to a friend upon the occasion of the death of an intimate friend: together with, Christian morals
Browne, Thomas
Waltham Saint Lawrence, Berkshire. Printed & sold at the Golden Cockerel Press. [1923]. 67 p.

A letter to a gentleman at Brussels: containing an account of the causes of the peoples revolt from the crown
London. 1689. 16 p.

A letter to a gentleman elected a knight of the shire to serve in the present Parliament
Wagstaffe, Thomas
[London. s.n. 1706?]. 20 p.

A letter to a gentleman in the country: concerning the acquittal of Joseph Hickey, attorney, upon an indictment of perjury before the Lord Chief Justice Lee on Thursday the 11th instant
London. Sold at the sign of justice, in the Temple. 1751. 24 p.

A letter to a gentleman in the Massachusetts General Assembly, concerning taxes to support religious worship
Backus, Isaac
[Boston. s.n.]. printed in the year 1771. 22, [2] p.

A letter to a gentleman on that question, whether saving grace be different in species from common grace, or in degree only?
Mayhew, Experience
Boston, N.E. Printed and sold by S. Kneeland and T. Green. 1747. 28 p.

A letter to a gentleman on the sin and danger of playing at cards and other games
[Boston. 1941]. 8 p.

A letter to a girl on the future of clothes
Laver, James
[London]. Home & Van Thal. 1946. 34 p.

A letter to a grandfather
West, Rebecca
London. Published by Leonard & Virginia Woolf at the Hogarth Press. 1933. 24 leaves, sewn at center; [1-4] 5-45 [46-48] p.

A letter to Albert Gallatin on the French claims to the Newfoundland fisheries, written Oct. 1, 1822
Rush, Richard
[Brooklyn, N.Y.?. s.n.]. 1890. 40 p.

A letter to a left-wing friend from Dov Bar-Nir, an Israeli socialist
Bar-Nir, Dov
London. Labour Friends of Israel. [1970]. 8 p.

A letter to Alexander Addison, president of the county courts of Pennsylvania: in answer to his Rise and progress of revolution, giving an account of the private history and characters of the Abbé Barruel, and Professor Robison, with a vindication of the Illuminées, and proofs that infidelity and scepticism have only originated from the vices and intrigues of the established clergy in the different countries of Europe
Wood, John
Philadelphia. Printed by R. Folwell. 1801. 23 p.

A letter to Alexander Campbell: in reply to an article in the Millennial harbinger
Stiles, Joseph C
Lexington, Ky. Lexington Intelligencer, Print. 1838. 57 p.

A letter to all the proprietors of Drury-Lane Theatre: (excepting Peter Moore, Esq. and others who are or have been concerned in the management thereof) : being a commentary on certain parts of an anonymous pamphlet, called A brief review of the season 1817-18, at the Theatre Royal, Drury-Lane &c. &c. and a conclusive detection of the author
Arnold, Samuel James ; Whitbread, Samuel
London. William Fearman. 1818. 86 p.

A Letter to a lord in answer to a late pamphlet entituled The causes of the present fears and dangers of the government, in a discourse between a lord-lieutenant and one of his deputies
London. Printed for Tho. Bennet. 1692. [2], 29, [1] p.

A letter to a lover of liberty
Harcourt-Smith, Simon
[London]. Home & Van Thal. 1946. 35 p.

A letter to a member &c., concerning the condemn'd Lords: in vindication of gentlemen calumniated in the St. James's post of Friday, March the 2d
Steele, Richard
London printed. ... Sold by J. Roberts ... J. Graves ... and A. Dodd. [1716]. 12 p.

A letter to a member of Congress, respecting the Alien and Sedition laws
Columbus ; Madison, James
[Richmond. Printed by Meriwether Jones. 1799]. 48 p.