An address delivered by request in the hall of Clifford's Inn before the Art-Workers' Guild on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Guild's foundation: Friday the fifteenth of January, 1909
Image, Selwyn
[London. C. T. Jacobi. 1909]. 19 p.

An address delivered by Rev. D. Caldwell, before the Bible Society of the Virginia Military Institute
Caldwell, D
Lexington, Va. Printed at the "Gazette Office". 1843. 21 p.

An address delivered by Rev. R.B. Robinson, at the closing exercise of the McKinley Industrial School, June 1904: subject, the status of the Afro-American and his wonderful results from small beginnings
Robinson, R. B
[S.l. s.n. 1904?]. 20 p.

An address delivered by the Executive Governor of Ogun State, Chief Olusegun Osoba, at the rally held on Tuesday, 15th October, 2002, at the Ake Palace Ground, to declare his intention to run for a second term of office
Osoba, Olusegun
[Ogun State? Nigeria. s.n. 2002 or 2003]. 19 p.

An address delivered by the Most Worshipful the Hon. DeWitt Clinton, Esq. to the Grand Lodge of the state of New-York at his installation into the office of grand master on the 19th of June, 1806
Clinton, DeWitt
New-York. Brothers Southwick and Hardcastle. [1806]. 18 p.

An address delivered by the Right Rev. William Pinkney, D.D., LL.D., at the funeral of Rear Admiral L.M. Goldsborough, February 22, 1877, in the Church of the Ascension, Washington, D.C
Pinkney, William
Washington. [s.n.]. 1877. 8 p.

An address delivered by treasurer of Ogun State Council of Nuj, Mr. Kehinde Onasanya at the 1st Triennial Delegates Conference held on Friday, 9th May, 2003, at Iwe Irohin House, Oke-Ilewo Abeokuta
Onasanya, Kehinde
[Abeokuta. K. Onasanya. 2003]. 20 leaves.

An address delivered by William Morris at the distribution of prizes to students of the Birmingham Municipal School of Art on Feb. 21, 1894
Morris, William ; Rogers, Bruce
London. Longmans & Co. 1898. 25 p.

An address delivered by Wm. W. Morrow, at the Grand opera house: on the occasion of the opening of the sixteenth industrial exhibition held under the auspices of the Mechanics' institute of San Francisco, August 2d, 1881
Morrow, William W
San Francisco. E. Bosqui & co., printers. 1881. 22 p.

An address delivered in 1802 in various towns in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New York
Gannett, Deborah Sampson ; Tappan, Eugene
Boston. Press of H.M. Hight. 1905. xi, 20 p.

An address delivered in behalf of the New-York Institution for the Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb before the New-York Forum at the conclusion of a volunteer debate for the benefit of said institution, December 24, 1818
Miller, Silvanus
[New York]. Printed by E. Conrad, Frankfort-Street. 1819. 15 p.

An address, delivered in Hanover, N.H., before the Dartmouth Medical Society, on their first anniversary, Dec. 28th, 1819
Alden, Ebenezer
[Boston, Mass.?. s.n. 1820]. 16 p.

An Address delivered in Havre-de-Grace, June 4, 1812: in consequence of a pamphlet set forth by a certain Nimrod Hughes, denouncing that day as the awful period of visitation to the inhabitants of this earth by the Almighty
Wilmer, James Jones
Baltimore. Printed by B.W. Sower & Co. 1812. 15, [1] p.

An address delivered in Lincoln Cathedral, on Sunday, August 29th, 1875
Meyrick, Frederick
London. William Wells Gardner. [1875]. 19 p.

An address delivered in Marlboro' chapel, Boston, July 4, 1838
Garrison, William Lloyd
Boston. I. Knapp. 1838. 48 p.

An address delivered in St. Paul's Church, Richmond, on the fourth of January 1848, on the occasion of the funeral of Mrs. Sarah Coles Stevenson, wife of the Hon. Andrew Stevenson
Johns, John
Richmond. Printed by Shepherd and Colin. 1848. 20 p.

An address delivered in the church at Princeton, the evening before the annual commencement of the College of New-Jersey, September 27, 1831
Dallas, George Mifflin
Princeton, N.J. Printed for the Societies, by D'Hart and Connolly. 1831. 26 p.

An address delivered in the court house at Paris, January 28, 1834, before the Union Temperance Society of Oxford County
Emery, Stephen
Portland. Arthur Shirley, printer. 1834. 36 p.

An address delivered in the Department of Ethnology and Anthropology: September 15, 1870
Evans, John
London. Virtue & Co. [1870]. 22 p.

An address, delivered in the First Presbyterian Church, before the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, on the second day of January, 1843, the anniversary of the introduction of the order into South-Carolina
Magrath, A. G
[Charleston. s.n.]. 1843. 24 p.

An address delivered in Tremont Temple, before the American Missionary Association, May 29, 1878
Buckham, M. H
Boston. Beacon Press. [1878]. 8 p.

An address, delivered in Utica, before the Sunday school societies, on the fifty-first anniversary of American independence
Aiken, S. C
Utica. Western Sunday School Union. 1827. 12 p.

An address delivered July 26, 1866, on Mount Lebanon, Syria, at the celebration of the nineteenth anniversary of the independence of Liberia: held by American missionaries and other citizens of the United States, residing in Syria
Blyden, Edward Wilmot
New York. John A. Gray & Green, printers. 1866. 31 p.

An address delivered June 24, 1812 a the funeral of Mrs. Sarah Cumming, consort of the Rev. Hooper Cumming
Richards, James
Boston. Samuel T. Armstrong. 1812. 16 p.

An address, delivered May 21, 1840 in Easton, Md
Mason, Henry M
[Easton, Md.?]. E.G. Dorsey. 1840. 16 p.

An address delivered May 30, A.D. 1832, at the dedication of the masonic temple in Boston
Whitman, Bernard
Cambridge. E.W. Metcalf and Co. 1832. 44 p.

An address delivered on the evening of the twenty second of February, MDCCCXLVII: Before the Young men's association of the city of Albany
Sprague, William Buell
Albany. Printed by J. Munsell. 1847. 51 p.

An address delivered on the fourth of July, 1820
Ramsay, David
Charleston. W.P. Young and Son, printers. 1820. 32 p.

An address delivered on the occasion of laying the corner stone of the new medical hall of Transylvania university, July, 1839
Wickliffe, Robert
Lexington, Ky. Noble & Dunlop, printers. 1839. 29, [1] p.

An address delivered on the opening of Humboldt College: with appendix, embracing remarks made on other occasions
Taft, S. H
Humboldt, Ia. [The College]. 1873. 23 p.

An address delivered on the opening of Humboldt College, at Springvale, Iowa, September 18, 1872
Taft, S. H
[S.l. s.n. 1872?]. 14 p.

An address delivered on the opening of the new engineering buildings of the University of Edinburgh, 16th Oct. 1906
Carnegie, Andrew
Dunfermline [Scotland]. Journal Printing Works. 1906. 20 p.

An address, delivered on the sixth anniversary of the Erodelphian Society of Miami University: September 27, 1831
Drake, Benjamin
[Cincinnati?]. The Society. 1835. 26 p.

An address delivered on the two hundredth anniversary of the organization of the First Baptist church, Boston, June 7, 1865
Neale, Rollin H
Boston. Gould and Lincoln. 1865. 80 p.

An address delivered to the Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland
Evans, John
London. Printed by Harrison and Sons. 1878. 20 p.

An address delivered to the candidates for the baccalaureate, in Union College: at the anniversary commencement, July 29, 1807
Nott, Eliphalet
Albany. Printed by Websters and Skinner. 1807. 24 p.

An address delivered to the candidates for the baccalaureate in Union College at the anniversary commencement July 24, 1811
Nott, Eliphalet
[S.l. s.n.]. 1811. 21 p.

An address delivered to the children of a Sunday school in Boston on the last Sabbath in December 1818
[Boston]. Boston Society for the Moral and Religious Instruction of the Poor. 1819. 12 p.

An address delivered to the colonization society of Kentucky, at Frankfort, Jan. 15, 1835
Underwood, Joseph R
Frankfort. Printed by A.G. Hodges. 1835. 24 p.

An address delivered to the graduates of Rhode-Island College, at the anniversary commencement in the Baptist Meeting-House in Providence, September 5, A.D. 1798
Maxcy, Jonathan
Providence. Printed by Carter and Wilkinson. [1798]. 12 p.

An address delivered to the inhabitants of New Lanark, on the first of January, 1816: at the opening of the Institution established for the formation of character
Owen, Robert
Cincinnati. Printed by S. J. Browne for L. Watson. 1825. 56 p.

An address delivered to the Law Academy of Philadelphia: at the opening of the session, in September 1830
Scott, John Morin
[Philadelphia]. The Academy. 1830. 16 p.

An address delivered to the literary societies of Franklin College, on September 29, 1840
McClusky, John
St. Clairsville, O. Printed by Heaton and Gressinger. 1841. 22 p.

An address delivered to the members of the Historic-genealogical society
Whiting, William
Boston. Dutton and Wentworth, printers. 1853. 16 p.

An address delivered to the students on the occasion of the prize distribution on the 30th October, 1900
Smith, Swire
Birmingham [Alabama]. Stanford & Mann. [1900]. 23 p.

An address delivered to the Third Division of Massachusetts Militia at a review on the plains of Concord, 27th August 1800
Varnum, Joseph B
Cambridge. Printed by William Hilliard. 1800. vi, [7]-26 p.

An address from a minister in Virginia, to his people in a special meeting on week day, March, 1798, occasioned by their opposition to the measures adopted by the federal government: with an appendix containing a noble confession and sincere conversion of a Jacobin to federalism
Printed at Hanover, New-Hampshire. By Benjamin True. 1799. 23, [1] p.

An address from John Bowden, A.M. to the members of the Episcopal Church in Stratford: to which is added, A letter to the Rev'd Mr. James Sayre
Bowden, John ; Bowden, John ; Sayre, James
New-Haven. Printed by T. and S. Green. [1792]. 39, [1] p.

An address from Robert Goodloe Harper, of South-Carolina, to his constituents: containing his reasons for approving of the treaty of amity, commerce, and navigation, with Great-Britain : to which is added, a letter from Gov. Jay to the author, explaining his sentiments respecting the French Revolution
Harper, Robert Goodloe ; Jay, John
New-York. Printed by T. & J. Swords. 1796. [2], 37, [1] p.

An address from the Baptist Church, in Philadelphia, to their sister churches of the same denomination, throughout the confederated states of North America
Philadelphia. Printed by Robert Aitken. 1781. 16 p.

An address from the Board of Trustees of the Farmers' High School of Pennsylvania, July 1857
Carlisle, Pa. Printed at the "Herald" Office. 1857. 8 p.

An address from the Brethren's Society for the Furtherance of the Gospel among the Heathen, to the members of the congregations and societies of the Brethren
La Trobe, Benjamin
[London?. s.n. 1781]. 16, 4 p.

An address from the Commit[t]ee of Association of the County of York, to the electors of Great-Britain: to which are prefixed the resolutions of that committee, at their meetings, held on the 3d and 4th of January, 1781, and the instrument of instructions to their deputies
Wyvill, Christopher
[York. s.n. 1781]. 18 p.

An address, from the Council of Proprietors of the Western Division of New-Jersey, to the occupiers of lands within the angle: to which are added, Remarks on the said address
Griffith, William
[Burlington, N.J.]. Printed in the United States of America [by Isaac Neale]. 1795. 22, [2] p. (the last leaf blank).

An address from the General Committee of Roman Catholics, to their Protestant fellow subjects, and to the public in general: respecting the calumnies and misrepresentations now so industriously circulated with regard to their principles and conduct : to which is added, the oath taken by the Catholics of this kingdom, and the opinion of foreign colleges respecting certain tenets imputed to Roman Catholics
Dublin. Printed by P. Byrne. 1792. viii, 45 p.

An address from the General Court, to the people of the commonwealth of Massachusetts
Boston. Printed by Adams and Nourse. 1786. 40, [2] p.

An address from the Hon. R. Barnwell Rhett to the people of Beaufort and Colleton districts
Rhett, Robert Barnwell
Washington. Globe Office. 1841. 7 p.

An address from the independent freeholders of the p---v---ce of M---ns---r to Sir R----- C------, baronet: with a collection of forty eight original patriot toasts drank at a select assembly of free-holders at Corke, the first of this instant January 1754
Cox, Richard
London. Printed at the sign of Caiphas and Priarius pulling off Tot---g---h---m's boots. 1754. 16 p.

An address from the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture: with a summary of its laws; and premiums offered
Pickering, Timothy
[Philadelphia. The Society]. 1785. 16 p.

An address from the Presbytery of New-Castle to the congregations under their care: setting forth the declining state of religion in their bounds, and exciting them to the duties necessary for a revival of decayed piety amongst them
Wilmington. Printed by James Adams. 1785. 62 p.

An address from the president and directors of the Pennsylvania company for insurances on lives and granting annuities, to the inhabitants of the United States, upon the subject of the beneficial objects of that institution
Philadelphia. Printed by J. Maxwell, for the Company. 1814. 45 p.

An address from the United States in Congress assembled to the legislatures of the several states: When the interests of a people are endangered, either through the defect of the government they have established, or the want of timely and vigorous, exertions to give efficacy to its operations, it becomes the duty
[New York. s.n. 1786]. [3] p.

An address from William Smith of South Carolina, to his constituents
Smith, William Loughton
Philadelphia. [s.n.]. printed in the year 1794. 32 p.

An address given in the auditorium of the National museum
Taylor, Alonzo Englebert
Washington. Govt. print. off. 1917. 8 p.

An address in behalf of the Juvenile Library Company of the city of Richmond
Mayo, Robert ; Bartow, William Augustus
Richmond. Printed at the Franklin office. 1823. 18 p.

An address in behalf of the Society for the Promotion of Collegiate and Theological Education at the West: delivered at its tenth anniversary in Worcester, Massachusetts, October 26th, 1853
Tuttle, Joseph F
New-York. John F. Trow, printer. 1854. 20 p.

An address in Christian love, to the inhabitants of Philadelphia, on the awful dispensation of the yellow fever, in 1798
Brown, Thaddeus
Philadelphia. Printed for the author, by R. Aitken. 1798. vi, [7]-71, [1] p.

An address in commemoration of Sears Cook Walker: delivered before the American association for the advancement of science, April 29, 1854
Gould, Benjamin Apthorp
[Cambridge]. Pub. for the Association, by J. Lovering. 1854. 1 p.l., 28 p.

An address in commemoration of the Battle of Bunker Hill: delivered on the evening of June 16th, 1825, it being the fiftieth anniversary
Emmons, William
Boston. [s.n.]. 1825. 16 p.

An address in commemoration of the completion of the first free bridge! across [the] Connecticut River, July 1st, 1859
Sanborn, Edwin D
Hanover, N.H. B.D. Howe. [1859]. 40 p.

An address in commemoration of the lives and services of Ledyard and his brave associates, who fell at Groton Heights, Sept. 6, 1781, in defence of their country: delivered at Groton (Conn.) September 6th, 1826, on the laying of the corner stone of a monument to their memory
Griswold, Charles
[New-London. s.n. 1826]. 19 p.

An address, in commemoration of the one hundredth anniversary of the incorporation of the town of Hubbardston, Mass
Stowe, J. M ; Stowe, Ephraim
Worcester. Printed by C. Hamilton. 1867. 109 p.

An address in Latin
Willard, Joseph ; Tappan, David
[Charlestown, Mass.]. E typis Samuel Etheridge. 1800. 44 p.

An address intended to have been delivered at a meeting of the inhabitants of Ipswich on Friday, February 17th for the purpose of considering the propriety of petitioning parliament for an abolition of the slave trade
Hamilton, Robert
Ipswich [England]. [s.n.]. 1792. 74 p.

An address, intended to have been delivered (in substance) at the late town meeting in New-Haven: in reply to the reasons urged for requesting His Excellency the governor to convene the General Assembly to take into consideration the alarming situation of public affairs, but prevented from being delivered by causes herein explained : together with a short account of that extraordinary meeting
Bristol, William
New-Haven. Oliver Steele. 1809. 19 p.

An address intended to promote a geological and mineralogical survey of Pennsylvania, the publication of a series of geological maps, and the formation of state and county geological and mineralogical collections
Browne, Peter A ; Lafourcade, P. M
Philadelphia. P.M. Lafourcade. 1826. 8 p.

An address, introductory to a course of lectures delivered in Clinton Hall, New York, November 8, 1834
Bedford, Gunning S
New York. Printed by J.M. Elliott. 1834. 29 p.

An address, introductory to a course of lectures, delivered in the hall of the Medical College of South-Carolina, before the trustees and faculty, the students of medicine, and the public generally, at the opening of the session of 1833-1834
Bedford, Gunning S
Charleston. Burges. 1833. 29 p.

An address introductory to the course of lectures in the St. Louis medical college
Pope, Charles A
St. Louis, Mo. Printed at the Republican book and job office. 1855. 22 p.

An Address of Friends of the yearly meeting of New York to the citizens of the United States: especially to those of the Southern states, upon the subject of slavery
New York. M. Day. 1844. 16 p.

An address of His Eminence, the late Cardinal Archbishop of Cambrai, on domestic education
London. Thomas Richardson. [1850]. 31 p.

An address of members of the House of Representatives of the Congress of the United States, to their constituents, on the subject of the war with Great Britain
Sullivan, George
Portsmouth, [N.H.]. Printed by W. Treadwell. 1812. 34 p.

An address of thanks
Hadfield, Robert Abbott
London. [Botolph printing works]. 1921. vii, 41, [1] p.

An Address of thanks to the broad-bottoms, for the good things they have done, and the evil things they have not done, since their elevation
London. Printed for M. Cooper. 1745. [2], 52 p., [1] leaf of plates.

An address of the Bible Society established at Philadelphia to the public: to which is subjoined the constitution of said society and the names of the managers
Philadelphia. Printed by order of the society, Fry and Kammerer, Printers. 1809. 24 p.

An address of the Congress to the inhabitants of the United States of America: Friends and countrymen, three years have now passed away since the commencement of the present war
Laurens, Henry ; Thomson, Charles ; Carter, John
Providence. Printed by John Carter. [1778]. 1 sheet ([1] p.).

An address of the Convention for Framing a Constitution of Government for the People of New-Hampshire, to the people thereof: voted at their last meeting, viz. on the first Tuesday of June 1783
Printed at Portsmouth. [s.n.]. 1783. 8 p.

An address of the directors of the Massachusetts Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge
Andover [Mass.]. Printed by Flagg and Gould. 1818. 11 p.

An Address of the dissenting ministers (in and about the city of London) to the King and Queen, upon their accession to the crown, with Their Majesties answer to it
London. Printed for Jonathan Robinson. 1689. 8 p.

An address of the General Association of Connecticut to the district associations on the subject of a missionary society: together with summaries and extracts from late European publications on missions to the heathen
Norwich. Printed by Thomas Hubbard. 1797. 32 p.

An address of the Honorable Edmund Pendleton of Virginia to the American citizens on the present state of our country
Pendleton, Edmund
Boston. Printed and sold by Benjamin Edes. 1799. 20 p.

An address of the House of Delegates of Maryland to their constituents
[Annapolis. F. Green. 1786]. [4] p.

An address of the Jackson Democratick Committee of Correspondence, of Allegheny County
Pittsburgh. L. S. Johns, Printer. 1828. 24 p.

An address of the legislature to the inhabitants of the commonwealth of Massachusetts: Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Boston. Printed by Benjamin Edes and sons, in State-street. 1781. 22 p.

An Address of the Presbyterian ministers, of the city of Philadelphia, to the ministers and Presbyterian congregations, in the county of [ ] in North-Carolina
Alison, Francis
[Philadelphia. s.n. 1775]. 8 p.

An address of the State Central Committee of the Republican Party to the people of Virginia
[Virginia. s.n. 1876?]. 7 p.

An Address of the subscribers members of the late House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to their constituents
M'Calmont, James
[Philadelphia. s.n. 1787]. 3 p.

An address of the trustees of the Public School Society in the city of New-York to their fellow-citizens, respecting extension of their public schools
New-York. Printed by J. Seymour. 1828. 18 p.

An address of welcome delivered on the occasion of the centenary festival of the Royal college of surgeons of England: July 26, 1900, to which is appended a short biographical account of each of the sixty-one surgeons who have been masters or presidents of the college during the one hundred years of its existence
MacCormac, William
London. Ballantyne, Hanson & co. 1900. 219, [1] p.

An address of William Pechin, a member of the late grand jury, to Luther Martin, Esq., on the subject of the rejoinder, to the reply of that body to the charge, delivered at the opening of the court
Pechin, William
Baltimore. [s.n.]. printed, December 1, 1813. 40 p.

An address on Abraham Lincoln: delivered before the Republican Club of New York City on the night of February twelfth, 1909
Washington, Booker T
[Tuskegee? Ala. 1909]. 12 p.

An address on Benjamin Franklin
Pepper, William
Philadelphia. Dando Printing and Publishing Company. 1887. 26 p.

An address on Christian education: delivered at the commencement of Woodward College, July 2, 1840 before the Woodward Literary Society
Storer, Bellamy
Cincinnati. Printed at the Cincinnati Observer Office. 1840. 12 p.

An address on colportage: before the American Tract Society, at their forty-first anniversary in Boston, May 30, 1855
Boston /. American Tract Society. 1855. 30 p.

An address on female education: delivered before the Demosthenian & Phi Kappa Societies, on the day after commencement, in the University of Georgia
Chandler, Daniel
[Athens, Ga.?. s.n.]. 1835. 24 p.

An address on Henry Lawson, delivered by Professor J. Le Gay Brereton on 2nd September, 1927, the fifth anniversary of the poet's death
Brereton, J. Le Gay
[Waterloo [Australia]. Eagle Press. 1927?]. [5] p.

An address on interstate railway traffic at the tenth annual meeting of the National Board of Trade, December 11, 1879 [microform]
Sterne, Simon
Boston. Tolman & White. 1880. 22 p. ; 24 cm.

An address on Manchuria: its past and present
Matsuoka, Yosuke
Kyoto, Japan. 1929. 1 p. l., 14 p.

An address on pauperism, delivered before the Society for the Prevention of Pauperism, in the Central Church, Winter Street, on Sunday evening, February 22, 1846
Sargent, John T
Boston. Benjamin H. Greene. 1846. 40 p.

An address on pauperism, its extent, causes, and the best means of prevention: delivered at the church in Bowdoin Square, February 4, 1844
Waterson, R. C
Boston. Charles C. Little and James Brown. 1844. 52 p.

An address on peace
[n.p.]. 1854. 8 p.

An address on Southern education delivered July 18, 1859: before the faculty, trustees, students, and patrons of Madison college, Sharon, Mississippi
Brown, Albert Gallatin
Washington. 1859. 14 p.

An address on the 20th anniversary of the "American Association for the Study and Cure of Inebriety," delivered before the association, at a meeting held in the New York Academy of Medicine, December 10, 1890
Mason, Lewis D
Hartford, Conn. . Case, Lockwood & Brainard Co. 1891. 14 p.

An address on the aspect of national affairs and the right of secession: Delivered before the Literary club of Cincinnati, Saturday evening, March 16, 1861
Johnston, William
Cincinnati. Rickey & Carroll. 1861. 42 p.

An address on the character and services of Andrew Jackson: delivered by invitation, before the General Assembly of Ohio, January 8, 1864
Dorsey, Godwin Volney
Columbus, O. Glenn, Thrall & Heide, Printers. 1864. 38 p.

An address on the character and services of John Marshall: as chief justice of the Supreme court of the United States; delivered at Springfield, Illinois, before the Supreme Court of that state, on the 5th day of February, 1901
Lindsay, William
[n.p.]. Law reporter print. [1901]. 31 p.

An address on the climate, soil, resources, development, commerce and future of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan: delivered in Representative Hall, at Lansing, Feb. 6, 1861
Campbell, Alexander
[Lansing. 1861]. 31 p.

An address on the climatology of Florida: delivered before the Medical Association of the State of Florida at their annual meeting ... on the 17th and 18th February 1875
Baldwin, A. S
Charleston, S.C. Walker, Evans & Cogswell. 1875. 39 p.

An address on the commercial aspects of federal regulation of insurance
Dryden, John F
[Newark? N.J. 1906?]. 31 p.

An address on the currency: delivered before the Literary Society and citizens of Bay View, January 7th, 1878
Johnston, John
Chicago, Ill. Honest Money League of the Northwest. 1878. 39 p.

An address on the educational values of courses in agriculture
True, Alfred Charles
[Columbus]. The University. [19--?]. 15, [1] p.

An address on the effects of ardent spirits
Kittredge, Jonathan
New York. Published by the American Tract Society. [1827?]. 20 p.

An address on the General Council administrative system of the Transkeian Territories
Kenyon, J. T
[s.l. s.n.]. 1939. 121 p., [1] leaf of plates.

An address on the genius and discoveries of Sir Isaac Newton: delivered on Thursday, Feb. 5, 1835, at the Lincoln & Lincolnshire Mechanics' Institution
Boole, George
Lincoln. Printed at the Gazette Office. 1835. 23 p.

An address on the genius, public life, and opinions of Alexander Hamilton
Wood, Fernando
New York. E. Childs, printer. 1856. 37 p.

An address on the history of the buildings of the University of North Carolina
Battle, Kemp P
Greensboro. Thomas, Reece & Co., Printers. 1883. 15 p.

An address on the legal prohibition of the traffic in intoxicating liquors: delivered in the House of Representatives, Columbus, Ohio, on the evening of February 1, 1853
Tyng, Dudley A
Columbis. Printed by Scott & Bascom. 1853. 24 p.

An address on the life and character of Abraham Howard Quincy: delivered at the request of the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia, in the Foundry Meeting-House at Washington City, on the fifteenth of November, 1840
Coote, Clement T ; Coote, Clement T
[Washington, D.C.]. Peter Force, printer. c1840. 41 p.