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New York. Published at the request of many petitioners. 1829. 32 p.

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Whitefield, George
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An account of Mr. Joyce's arrest for "treasonable practices", his examination before His Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council, his commitment to the Tower, and subsequent treatment: together with remarks on the speeches of Mr. Windham, &c
Joyce, Jeremiah
London. Printed for the author, and sold by J. Ridgway ... H.D. Symonds ... and D. Holt. 1795. [2], 30 p.

An account of Mr. Parkinson's expulsion from the University of Oxford in the late times
Parkinson, James
London. Printed for and are to be sold by Richard Baldwin. 1689. 20 p.

An account of my hut =: the Hojoki of Kamo no Chomei
Kamo, Chomei ; Keene, Donald
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An account of my life
Sultan Jahan Begam ; Payne, Charles Herbert ; Khan, Abdus Samad
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Yate, William
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An account of our arresting experiences
Evans, Conway
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An account of our latest attempt upon the coast of France
London. Printed for R. Griffiths. 1758. 40, [2] p. (the last leaf blank).

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Cotton, Anne
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An account of our late troubles in Virginia
Cotton, Anne
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Thomas, Gabriel ; Brady, Cyrus Townsend
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Tucker, Alan ; Standing, Juliet
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Holden, Edward Singleton
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An Account of resource development in New Mexico: community needs to 1985 : a guide for the New Mexico Community Assistance Program
[Santa Fe, N.M.]. The Division. [1981]. iv, 86, 10, 7 p.

An account of Richard Farnsworth's commitment to prison in Banbury, the 30th of the 7th month: and his examination and answer, in brief, at the court before the mayor and justices the day following, being the first of the eighth month, 1655
Farnsworth, Richard
[1655]. p. 22-27.

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