A new and compendious system of optics
Martin, Benjamin
London. Printed for J. Hodges. 1740. xxiv, 295 p.

A new and compleat system of architecture delineated in a variety of plans and elevations of designs for convenient and decorated houses
Halfpenny, William
London. Printed for John Brindley. 1749. 25 p., 46 leaves of plates.

A new and complete abridgment of all the laws of excise: from the commencement thereof, down to the forty-second year of his present Majesty; relating to auctioneers, ... including full instructions for justices of the peace and officers of excise, in every thing which relates to the execution of these laws: with an appendix, containing approved and useful precedents of every kind on the excise laws, both before justices of peace and in the exchequer: and tables exhibiting the weight of spirituous liquors, from the lowest quality to alcohol; with rules for calculating their strength and value: and preceded by an enumeration of all the present duties, both of excise and customs, on all exciseable commodities; also the allowances, bounties, and drawbacks theron
Jonas, Peter
London. Printed for J. Johnson, by J. Crowder and E. Hemsted. 1802. vi, [6], 592 p.

A new and complete collection of voyages and travels: containing all that have been remarkable from the earliest period to the present time... with an account of the rise and progress of navigation among the various nations of the earth... comprehending an extensive system of geography, describing, in most accurate manner, every place worthy of notice in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America
Moore, John Hamilton
London. Printed for the proprietors and sold by A. Hogg. 1778. 1 v. in 2.

A new and complete concordance or verbal index to words, phrases, & passages in the dramatic works of Shakespeare: with a supplementary concordance to the poems
Bartlett, John
London. Macmillan. 1922. 1910 p.

A new and complete concordance, or verbal index to words, phrases & passages in the dramatic works of Shakespeare, with a supplementary concordance to the poems
Bartlett, John
New York. Gordon Press. 1976, c1889. p. cm.

A new and complete concordance to the Holy Scriptures: on the basis of Cruden
Cruden, Alexander ; Eadie, John
New York. The American Tract Society. [1850?]. 561 p.

A new and complete French and English, and English and French dictionary: on the basis of the Royal dictionary English and French and French and English
Fleming, Charles ; Tibbins, J ; Picot, Charles ; Dobson, Judah
Philadelphia. Carey and Hart. 1845. 1376 p.

A new and complete gazetteer of the United States: giving a full and comprehensive review of the present condition, industry, and resources of the American confederacy
Baldwin, Thomas ; Thomas, Joseph
Philadelphia. Lippincott, Grambo & Co. 1854. 1364 p.

A new and complete grammar of the French tongue
B¿uf, Joseph F. A
New York. 1834. xii, 391 p.

A new and complete grammatical German and English dictionary
Thieme, Friedrich Wilhelm
London. Williams and Norgate. 1851. v.

A new and complete Greek gradus: or, poetical lexicon of the Greek language : with a Latin and English translation, an English-Greek vocabulary, and a treatise on some of the principal rules for ascertaining the quantity of syllables and on the most popular Greek metres
Maltby, Edward
London. Longman, Brown. 1850. xxiii, 830 p.

A new and complete guide to the pronunciation and reading of the French language: illustrated with analogous English sounds
Camp, Norman William
New York. G. Savage. 1853. 144 p.

A New and complete history of Essex, from a late survey: compared with the most celebrated historians; containing a natural and pleasing description of the several divisions of the county, with their products, and curiosities of every kind both ancient and modern. And a review of the most remarkable events and revolutions therein, from the earliest ©Œra down to 1772
Chelmsford. Printed and sold by M. Hassall. 1769-1772. 6 v.

A new and complete history of the Borough of Hedon
Craven, Martin T
Driffield. Ridings Publishing. 1972. v, 266, [16] p.

A new and complete history of the town and county of the town of Kingston-upon-Hull: with a cursory review of, and observations on the ancient legend, from its original foundation in A.D. 1296
Hadley, George
Kingston-upon-Hull. T. Briggs. 1788-[91]. 1 v. in 2 (2 p. l., iv, 887 (i. e. 891), [11] p.).

A new and complete law-dictionary: Or, General abridgment of the law; on a more extensive plan than any law-dictionary hitherto published
Cunningham, Timothy
Dublin. Printed for Sar. Cotter, H. Saunders, and J. Williams. 1764. 2 v.

A new and complete North Carolina form-book: containing forms of all those legal instruments which the people have occasion to use, and furnishing also a guide to justices of the peace, sheriffs, clerks, constables, coroners, school-committees, &c., compiled from the best sources, being an improvement on all works of the kind formerly in use, and intended as a companion to Cantwell's N.C. Justice, to which are added the Constitution of North Carolina and of the United States, an account of the principal officers of the state, and of the counties, titles of address, &c., &c
Wiley, Calvin Henderson ; Cantwell, Edward
Raleigh. H. D. Turner. 1858. 344 p.

A new and complete pronouncing Bible dictionary, containing more Scriptural words than any other work of the kind
Philadelphia. W.W. Harding. 1873. 1 p. leaf, 331, 82 p.

A new and complete set of decimal tables, on an improved system, for calculating monies and weights: With an appendix, containing various examples and six time tables for accounts-current
Wesgate, John
London. Printed for E. Wilson. 1823. xvi, 67 p.

A new and complete statistical gazetteer of the United States of America
Fisher, Richard Swainson
New York. J. H. Colton and company. 1855. 960 p.

A new and complete system of algebra: or, Specious arithmetic
Fenn, Joseph
Dublin. Printed by A. M'Culloh. [17--?]. 5 p.l., 306 p.

A new and complete system of arithmetic: composed for the use of the citizens of the United States
Pike, Nicolas ; Adams, Ebenezer
Worcester, Mass. Printed at the press of Isaiah Thomas, by Leonard Worcester, for said Thomas. 1797. 516 p.

A new and complete system of arithmetic, composed for the use of the citizens of the United States
Pike, Nicolas
Newbury-port. Printed and sold by J. Mycall. 1788. 512 p.

A new and complete system of arithmetick: composed for the use of the citizens of the United States
Pike, Nicolas ; Lord, Nathaniel
Boston. Thomas & Andrews. 1809. 300 p.

A new and complete system of book-keeping: by an improved method of double entry adapted to retail, domestic, and foreign trade, exhibiting a variety of transactions which usually occur in business : the whole comprised in three sets of books, the last set, being a copy of the second according to those systems most generally in use, is given in order to exhibit, by a comparative view, the advantages of the system now laid down : to which is added, a table of the duties payable on goods, wares and merchandise, imported into the United States of America, the whole in dollars and cents
Mitchell, William
Philadelphia. Printed by Bioren & Madan. 1796. viii, 454 p.

A new and complete system of book-keeping by an improved method of double entry
Mitchell, William
New York. Arno Press. 1978. viii, 454 p.

A new and complete system of geography: Containing a full, accurate, authentic and interesting account and description of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America ... Also a compendious history of every empire, kingdom, state, &c. ... The whole embellished and enriched with upwards of one hundred and twenty ... copper plates
Middleton, Charles Theodore
London. Printed for J. Cooke. 1778-1779. 2 v.

A new and complete system of practical husbandry: containing all that experience has proved to be most useful in farming, either in the old or new method; with a comparative view of both; and whatever is beneficial to the husbandman, or conducive to the ornament and improvement of the country gentleman's estate
Mills, John
London. Printed for R. Baldwin. 1762-65. 5 v.

A new and complete system of universal geography: describing Asia, Africa, Europe and America, with their subdivisions of republics, states, empires, and kingdoms, the extent, boundaries, and remarkable appearances of each country, cities, towns, and curiosities of nature and art : also giving a general account of the fossil and vegetable productions of the earth : the history of man, in all climates, regions, and conditions : customs, manners, laws, governments, and religions : the state of arts, sciences, commerce, manufactures, and knowledge : sketches of the ancient and modern history of each nation and people, to the present time : to which is added, a view of astronomy, as connected with geography, of the planetary system to which the earth belongs, and of the universe in general : with a copious index annexed to each volume : being a large and comprehensive abridgement of universal geography : in four volumes
Payne, John ; Hardie, James
New-York. Printed for, and sold by John Low, book-seller. 1798-1800. 4 v.

[A new and comprehensive dictionary of correspondences, representatives, and significatives, contained in the Word of the Lord: Arranged under distinct heads, with proper references. Including a full explanation of each article, or subject, with the reason, cause, and ground of its signification. The whole being an infallible key to the internal sense of the Holy Word, and an universal system of evangelical theology
Swedenborg, Emanuel ; Nicholson, George
London. Printed by J. Bonsor. 1800. [iii]-xxv, [2], 612 p.

A new and comprehensive dictionary of the English language: as spoken and written
Clarke, Hyde
London. John Weale. 1861. xiv, 466 p.

A new and comprehensive French instructor
Andrews, Stephen Pearl ; Batchelor, George
New York. D. Appleton. 1855. 469 p.

A new and comprehensive gazetteer
Wright, G. N
London. T. Kelly. 1834-37. 4 v.

A new and comprehensive gazetteer of Virginia, and the District of Columbia
Martin, Joseph ; Brockenbrough, William Henry
Charlottesville. J. Martin. 1835. 636 p.

A new and copious lexicon of the Latin language
Leverett, F. P ; Facciolati, Jacobo ; Forcellini, Egidio ; Scheller, Imm. Joh. Gerh ; Lu˜nemann, G. H ; Torrey, H. W
Boston. J. H. Wilkins and R. B. Carter [etc.]. 1839. 2 v. in 1.

A new and copious lexicon of the Latin language
Scheller, Imm. Joh. Gerh ; Facciolati, Jacobo ; Forcellini, Edigio ; Scheller, Immanuel Johann Gerhard ; Lu˜nemann, G. H ; Torrey, H. W
J.H. Wilkins and R.B. Carter [etc.]. [1840]. 2 v. in 1.

A new and correct catalogue of all the English books which have been printed from the year 1700 to the present time: with their prices. To which is added a complete list of law books for the same period. Likewise all the school books now in use
London. 1767. [4], 108 p.

A new and corrected version of the New Testament: or, A minute revision, and professed translation of the original histories, memoirs, letters, prophecies, and other productions of the evangelists and apostles; to which are subjoined a few, generally brief, critical, explanatory, and practical notes
Boston. Lilly, Wait, Colman, & Holden. 1833. xi, [41]-499, [1] p.

A new and critical version of Rhymes on moral instruction attributed to Rabbi Hai ben Sherira gaon: based on three mss. in the British museum
Hai ben Sherira ; Gollancz, Hermann
London, New York [etc.]. H. Milford, Oxford university press. 1922. 112 p.

A new and different summer
Weber, Lenora Mattingly
New York. Crowell. [1966]. 299 p.

A new and dynamic concept for growth: H. K. Porter Company, inc
Evans, Thomas Mellon
New York. Newcomen Society in North America. 1955. 24 p.

A new and easie method to learn to sing by book: whereby one (who hath a good voice and ear) may, without other help
London. W. Rogers. 1686. 7 p.l., 104 p.

A new and easy French grammar, 1667
Festeau, Paul
Menston. Scolar Press. 1971. [19], 278 p.

A new and easy method of cookery: treating, I. Of gravies, soups, broths, &c. II. Of fish, and their sauces. III. To pot and make hams, &c. ... IV. Of pies, pasties, &c. V. Of pickling and preserving. VI. Of made wines, distilling and brewing, &c. To which are added, by way of appendix, fifty-three new and useful receipts, and directions for carving
Cleland, Elizabeth
Edinburgh. R. Fleming and W. Gray. 1770. 1 p.l., 232 [10] p.

A new and easy method of curing the fistula lacrymalis: to which is added, a dissertation of the epiphora vera, or, true watery eye, and the zeropthalmia, or dry eye
Wathen, Jonathan ; Phipps, Jonathan Wathen
London. printed for C. Dilly. 1792. [4], xi, [1], 104 p., [1] leaf of plates.

A new and easy method of finding the latitude and longitude at one working, by the meridian altitude of the sun, independent of chronometer or lunar observation: also, the longitude by the difference of declination at or near noon
Morris, H. J
New York. Hall, Clayton, & Co. 1859. 8 p.

A new and easy method of giving mercury to those affected with the venereal disease: to which is annexed a new theory of the action of this metal on the salivary glands
Plenck, Joseph Jacob ; Saunders, William
London. Printed for E. and C. Dilly. 1768. xxiv, [25]-164, [4] p.

A new and easy system of geography and popular astronomy, or, An introduction to universal geography
O'Neill, John ; James, Joseph
Baltimore. Fielding Lucas. 1816, c1812. 359 p.

A new and enlarged book of sailing directions for Capt. B. Romans, &c., &c., Gulf and Windward pilot: containing full instructions for sailing through the Gulf of Florida; or, the old and new Channels of Bahama: together with directions for the Windward Passage, &c., &c
Romans, Bernard ; De Brahm, John Gerar William ; Bishop, Robert
London. R. Laurie and J. Whittle. 1794. 74 p.

A new and exact account of Jamaica: wherein the antient and present state of that colony, its importance to Great Britain, laws, trade, manners and religion, together with the most remarkable and curious animals, plants, trees, &c. are described : with a particular account of the sacrifices, libations, &c. at this day in use among the Negroes
Leslie, Charles
Edinburgh. Printed by R. Fleming, and sold by the booksellers in town. 1740. [6], ii, 176 [i.e. 376] p.

A new and expeditious method for learning the French language: exemplified by an interlined translation of words, in English, of the first six books of the Adventures of Telemachus
Carre, John Thomas ; Fenelon, Francʹois de Salignac de La Mothe-
Philadelphia. J. Maxwell. 1822. lxxxiv, 275 p.

A new and fresh English translation of the letter of Columbus announcing the discovery of America
Columbus, Christopher ; Morison, Samuel Eliot
Madrid. Graficas Yagües. 1959. 16 p.

A new and important copepod habitat
Wilson, Charles Branch
Washington. Smithsonian Institution. 1935. 1 p.l., 20 p.

A "new and improved" Jesus?: sermons for Lent and Easter, cycle C first lesson texts
Brokhoff, Barbara
Lima, Ohio. C.S.S. Pub. Co. c1991. 140 p.

A new and improved system of mnemonics, or, Two hours' study in the art of memory: applied to figures, chronology, geography, statistics, history, systematic tables, poetry, prose, and to the common transactions of life : rendered familiar to every capacity, and calculated for the use of schools, as well as those who have attended to lectures on this subject
Jackson, G
London. Printed for the author and sold by T. Boosey and by all other booksellers. 1817. 36 p., [11] leaves of plates.

A new and interesting arithmetic: in which is explained the method that Zerah Colburn must have pursued in answering the very difficult questions ... to which is added The surveyor's art--abridged, whereby the contents and mensuration of land is made without the use of trigonometry
MCällen, Robert L
North Adams, Mass. John R. Briggs, Printer. 1844. 212 p.

A new and interesting description of Lao Kingdom (1642-1648)
Marini, Gio. Filippo de
Bangkok. White Lotus Press. c1998. lxvi, 76 p.

A new and more exact method of expressing important specific characters of termites
Light, Sol Felty
Berkeley, Calif. University of California press. 1927. 1 p. l., p. [75]-88.

A new and noble school: the Pre-Raphaelites
Bell, Quentin
London. Macdonald. 1982. 192 p., [16] p. of plates.

A new and original opera in three acts, preceded by a prologue, entitled The enchantress: as first performed at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, Wednesday, May 14th, 1845
Balfe, M. W ; Saint-Georges, Henri ; Bunn, Alfred
London. W.S. Johnson "Nassau steam press". [1845?]. 44 p.

A new and original treatise on the geometrical development of round and oval cones, with easy examples of their application: for the use of beginners and practical sheet iron and tin plate workers
Fuller, John
New York. D. Williams. [c1904]. 53 p.

A new and practical form book: containing forms of all those legal instruments important to be known by the people of North Carolina, and designed, also, for the use of justices of the peace, sheriffs, clerks, constables, coroners, &c., &c
Wiley, Calvin Henderson
Raleigh. Printed and published at the office of the Weekly post. 1852. 199, xi p.

A new and practical system of the culture of voice and action: with an appendix of readings and recitations
Frobisher, Joseph Edwin
New York. Ivison, Phinney, Blakeman, & co. 1867. 262 p.

A new and primitive early Oligocene horse from Trans-Pecos Texas
McGrew, Paul Orman
[Chicago]. Chicago Natural History Museum. 1953. 167-171 p.

A New and right spirit: 1992 Women's Ministries program resource
Mengel, Gail ; Goodyear, Imogene
Independence, Mo. Herald Pub. House. c1991. 72 p.

A new and safer method of relieving prostatic enlargement and other obstructions of the bladder outlet
Witt, Philip Aubrey
Denver. [1947]. 31 p.

A new and simplified method in the practice of navigation especially suited for high speed ships
Traylor, Robert H
Jersey City, N.J. C.C. Harman. c1916. 24, [8] p.

"A new and splendid edifice": the architecture of the University of Glasgow
Ross, Anne ; Hume, John R
[Glasgow]. University of Glasgow Press. 1975. 33 p.

A new and universal dictionary of the marine: being, a copious explanation of the technical terms and phrases usually employed in the construction, equipment, machinery, movements, and military, as well as naval operations of ships: with such parts of astronomy, and navigation, as will be found useful to practical navigators
Falconer, William ; Burney, William
London. T. Cadell [etc.]. 1830. xv, 707, [1], 87, [1] p.

A new Animal Welfare Act: proposals for inclusion in the new legislation : public discussion paper
[Perth, WA]. Dept. of Local Govt. [1994]. iii, 32 p.

A new annotated reading guide for children with partial vision
Galisdorfer, Lorraine
Buffalo. Foster & Stewart Pub. Corp. [c1950]. 94 p.

A new anole (Reptilia:Iguanidae) from Great Corn Island, Caribbean Nicaragua
Fitch, Henry Sheldon ; Henderson, Robert W
[Milwaukee]. Milwaukee Public Museum. 1976. 8 p., [1] leaf of plates.

A new anosteirine turtle from Manchuria
Zangerl, Rainer
[Chicago. 1947]. 13-21 p.

A new answer book
Elting, Mary ; Wyler, Rose ; Folsom, Rachel ; Sondern, Ferd A
New York. Grosset & Dunlap. c1977. 128 p.

A new antelope from the Pleistocene of Rancho La Brea
Taylor, Walter P
Berkeley, CA. University of California Press. 1911. [191]-197 p.

A new anthology of modern poetry
Rodman, Selden
New York. Random House. [c1938]. 448 p.

A new anthology of modern poetry
Rodman, Selden
New York. The Modern Library. [1946]. xlvi, 488 p.

A new anthology of Spanish literature
Chandler, Richard E ; Schwartz, Kessel
[Baton Rouge]. Louisiana State University Press. [1967]. 2 v.

A new anthracosaurian labyrinthodont, Proterogyrinus scheelei, from the Lower Carboniferous
Romer, Alfred Sherwood
Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland Museum of Natural History. 1970. 16 p.

A new antisemitic myth in the Middle East media: the September 11 attacks were perpetrated by the Jews
[Washington, D.C.]. MEMRI, Middle East Media Research Institute. [c2002]. 50 p.

A new apologetics: an analysis and appraisal of the eristic theology of Emil Brunner
Schrotenboer, Paul G
Kampen. Kok. 1955. 222 p.

A new apparatus for determining gas solubilities: a study of solubility relations in gas-liquid systems
Pyne, Herbert Rivington
[New York city. 1927]. 45, [3] p., 1 l.

A new apparatus for the administration of helium-oxygen mixtures
Brubach, Howard F ; Crisp, Lawrence R ; Neal, Paul A
[Washington. U.S. Govt. print. off. 1940]. 1p. l., 6 p. 11 pl. on 1 l.

A new apparatus for the enlargement of phonograph records
Muenzinger, Karl F
Austin, Tex. The University. [1915]. 15 p.

A new apparatus for the precise and accurate determination of dew point
White, George Edwin
New York city. 1937. 41 p.

A new appraisal of Christian science
Burrell, Joseph Dunn
New York and London. Funk & Wagnalls company. 1906. 75 p.

A new approach and landing system: help for our troubled terminal areas
Cherry, George William ; MacKinnon, Duncan ; DeWolf, Barton
Cambridge. Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 1970. 16 p.

A new approach for evaluating northern training programs: the Churchill prefab housing manpower corps project
MacMillan, James A ; Nickel, Paul E ; Clark, Larry J
Winnipeg. Center for Settlement Studies, University of Manitoba. 1975. ix, 87 p.

A New approach for measuring the operational value of intelligence for military operations: final report
Cesar, Edison
Santa Monica, CA. Rand Corp. 1994. xxxi, 147 p.

A new approach for our communities: long-term self-sufficiency : a practice-based anti-poverty analysis
San Francisco, CA. Asian Neighborhood Design. 1996-. v. <1 >.

A new approach for the design and evaluation of land defense concepts
Romero, Philip J
Santa Monica, CA. RAND. 1991. 246 p.

A new approach for the transatlantic economic partnership: report of the European Institute 8th Annual Transatlantic Seminar on Trade and Investment, November 4-5, 1998, Washington, DC
Rashish, Peter S
Washington, DC. European Institute. c1999. 82 p.

A new approach in missionary education: a parish project
Archer, John Clark
New York. Missionary Education Movement of the United States and Canada. [c1926]. 160 p.

A new approach in the analysis of biogeographic data
Peters, James Arthur
Washington. Smithsonian Institution Press; [for sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. Govt. Print. Off.]. 1971. 28 p.

A new approach is needed for weapon systems coproduction programs between the United States and its allies: report to the Congress
[Washington, D.C. U.S. General Accounting Office]. 1979. v, 29 p.

A new approach to academic administration
Phillips, Ellis Laurimore
New York. Teachers College Press. [1969]. vii, 51 p.

A new approach to affordable low energy house construction
Lstiburek, Joseph W ; Lischkoff, James K
[Edmonton]. Alta. Dept. of Housing. [1984]. 1 v. (various pagings).

A new approach to American history: students' guide sheets
Bailey, D. C ; Smith, Ernest Thomas
Chicago, Ill. The University of Chicago Press. [c1931]. xiv, 124 p.

A new approach to applied research: race and education
Cohen, Elizabeth G
Columbus, Ohio. C. E. Merrill Pub. Co. [1970]. ix, 150 p.

A new approach to arms control
Kent, Glenn A ; DeValk, Randall J ; Warner, Edward L
Santa Monica, CA. Rand Corp. [1984]. xi, 50 p.

A new approach to Australian linguistics
Capell, Arthur
[Sydney]. University of Sydney. 1956. 103 p.

A new approach to bilinear time series estimation
Grahn, Thorsten
Aachen. Verlag Shaker. 1993. 118 p.

A new approach to Buddhism
Lower Lake, Calif. Dawn Horse Press. [1974, c1972]. 67 p.

A new approach to budgeting in higher education
Green, John Lafayette ; Ohanian, Garbis
Detroit. Wayne State University, Business and Finance Office. [1972]. xii, 202 p.

A new approach to capital budgeting for city and county governments
Wacht, Richard F
Atlanta, Ga. Business Pub. Division, College of Business Administration, Georgia State University. 1987. ix, 149 p.

A new approach to chess mastery
Reinfeld, Fred
Garden City, New York. Hanover House. [1959]. 168 p.

A new approach to Christian unity
Brown, Charles Ewing
Anderson, Ind. Warner Press. c1931. 205 p.

A new approach to Christmas greetings
Oden, ViAnn
Goleta. Anvipa. c1988. 119 p.

A new approach to college reading
Jones, Everett L
New York. Holt, Rinehart and Winston. [1964]. x, 212 p.

A new approach to Colossians
Baggott, Louis John
London. A.R. Mowbray. [1961]. 143 p.

A new approach to column design: with special reference to restrained steel stanchions
Wood, Randal Herbert
Garston, [Eng.]. Dept. of the Environment, Building Research Establishment. 1974. viii, 107 p.

A new approach to composition in French
Chankin, Victor ; Schwartz, I. A
New York. Longmans, Green and co. 1933. ix, 73 p.

A new approach to concrete structures classification and design
Bruggeling, A. S. G
Warszawa. Państwowe Wydawn. Nauk. 1989. 101 p.

A new approach to construction management through building measurement and time standards
Laing, W. M
Lancaster [Eng.]. Construction Press. 1976. 211 p.

A new approach to continuing education for business and the professions: the performance model
Nowlen, Philip M
New York. NUCEA. c1988. xii, 244 p.

A new approach to defence: the Wrigley report and after
Cole, Bill
Perth, W.A. Australian Institute for Public Policy. c1990. iv, 27 p.

A New approach to dietetic therapy in epilepsy, eclampsia of pregnancy and infancy, migraine, angina pectoris, bronchial asthma, allergic diseases, gout, essential hypertension, pernicious anemia, polycythemia, acne vulgaris, nervous and psychic disturbances, constitutional changes, aging, etc: metabolism of water and minerals and its disturbances
Fo˜ldes, Eugene
Boston. R. G. Badger. c1933. xii, 434 p.

A new approach to digital computer logic IB-2
Libe, Burt
Los Altos, Calif. Libe Co. c1970. v, 177 p.

A new approach to ear training: a self-instruction program
Kraft, Leo
New York. W. W. Norton. [1967]. 187 p.

A new approach to easements, covenants, and equitable servitudes: a programmed text on private land use controls
Brown, Ronald Benton
Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Brown. c1979. iii, 118 leaves.

A new approach to economic geography: a study of resources
Guha, Jahar Lal ; Chattoraj, Prabhas Ranjan
Calcutta. World Press. 1969. xvi, 600 p.

A new approach to economic integration
Alampiev, P. M ; Bogomolov, Oleg Timofeevich ; Shiri͡aev, I͡Uriĭ Semenovich
Moscow. Progress Publishers. 1974. 95 p.

A new approach to education
[The Hague. Govt. Print. Off. 1971]. 29 p., 27 p. of photos.

A new approach to embroidered net
Groves, Edna
London. Dryad Press. 1987. 96 p.

A New approach to energy planning for sustainable rural development
Rome. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. 1990. iv, 43 p.

A new approach to engineering tolerances: a critical presentation of the considerations necessary for the allocation and maintenance of realistic tolerances in modern economic production
Gilson, John
London. Machinery Pub. Co. [1951]. 99 p.

A new approach to English grammar, on semantic principles
Dixon, Robert M. W
Oxford [England]. Clarendon Press. 1991. xvi, 398 p.