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A plea for the commonalty of London, or, A vindication of their rights (which hath been long with-holden from them) in the choice of sundry city officers: as also, a justification of the power of the Court of Common-Councell in the making of acts or by-laws for the good and profit of the citizens, notwithstanding the negative votes of the Lord Major and aldermen : being fully proved by severall charters granted to this city ... and by records witnessing the particulars in the practise of them : in a speech delivered in Common-Councell on Munday the 24th of February 1644
Bellamie, John
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Vicar of Bray
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A plea for the liberty of interpreting
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Boston in New-England. Printed by Samuel Green for Samuel Sewall. 1683. [8], 46, [2] p.

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A plea for the non-conformists: shewing the true state of their case: and how far the conformist's separation from the Church of Rome, for their popish superstitions, &c. introduc'd into the service of God, justifies the non-conformist's separation from them : in a letter to Benjamin Calamy, on his sermon (call'd Scrupulous conscience, inviting hereto. : which is added, a parallel sheme [sic] of the pagan, papal, and christian rites and ceremonies; and a narrative of sufferings underwent
De Laune, Thomas ; Calamy, Benjamin ; Defoe, Daniel
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De Laune, Thomas
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A plea for the non-conformists, shewing the true state of their case: and how far the conformist's separation from the Church of Rome, for their popish superstitions, &c. introduc'd into the service of God, justifies the non-conformist's separation from them : in a letter to Dr. Benjamin Calamy on his sermon (call'd Scrupulous conscience) inviting hereto. To which is added, a parallel scheme of the pagan, papal, and Christian rites and ceremonies; and a narrative of the sufferings underwent
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Evarts, William Maxwell
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Lindsley, Philip
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Hamilton, William
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New York. J.F. Trow. 1857. 56 p.

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[Amsterdam. Contact Committee for Nature and Landscape Preservation. 1966?]. 56 p.

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Beecher, Lyman
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Beecher, Lyman
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Chase, Philander
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MacArthur, John
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A pleasant conceited comedy wherein is shewed How a man may choose a good wife from a bad: as it hath beene sundry times acted by the Earle of Worcesters servants
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