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New London [Conn.]. The Committee. 1866. 36 p.

A reply to a pamphlet, entitled, Observations arising from the declaration of war against Spain, &c: wherein is shewn, the absurdity and wickedness of that writer's considerations on the management of the war, as also, the folly of that question, viz. Why this declaration of war was not made sooner?
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Mather, Richard ; Force, Peter
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Ludwig, Ernest
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Guiteau, Charles Julius
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Moskowitz, Herbert
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New York. C.P. Somerby. 1879. 67 p.

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Louis Bonaparte
London. Hurst, Chance. 1829. viii, 132 p.

A reply to some essays lately published by John Cotton, Esq. (of Plymouth) relating to baptism: wherein it is attempted to shew, that the practice of persons owning the covenant, (as it is called) and enjoying baptism for their children, while they neglect to come to the Lord's Supper, is unscriptural and of dangerous tendency : also, a vindication of the author from several injurious aspersions contained in Mr. Cotton's remarks on some letters that passed relative to this point
Robbins, Chandler
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Seabury, George J
New York. G.J. Seabury. [1902?]. 19 p.

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Ellis, John
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Stowe, Harriet Beecher
London. S. Low, Son, and co. 1863. 3 p. l., [3]-63 p.

A Reply to the answer Doctor Welwood has made to King James's declaration, which declaration was dated at St. Germaines, April 17th, s.n. 1693, and published also in the Paris Gazett, June 20th, 1693
[London. s.n. 1694]. 47, [1] p.

A reply to the arguments contained in various publications: recommending an equalization of the duties on East & West Indian sugar
Marryat, Joseph
London. J. M. Richardson. 1823. 111 p.

A reply to the calumnies of the Edinburgh review against Oxford: Containing an account of studies pursued in that university
Copleston, Edward
Oxford. Printed for the author. 1810. 2 p. l., [v]-viii, 187 p.

A reply to the Correspondent, containing an attempt to point out certain inconsistencies and misrepresentations in that publication: together with some strictures upon the appendix, in a familiar letter to a friend
Welch, Moses C
Norwich. Printed by Thomas Hubbard. 1794. 64 p.

A reply to the Defence of the Bank: setting forth the unreasonableness of their slow payments : to which is added, 1. the mischiefs that attend the buying and selling bank-notes, 2. the advantages England will reap by having the unclipt hammer'd mony pass currant into the exchequer by weight : in a letter to his friend in the country
True lover of his countrey and the present government
London. Printed for E. Whitlock, and sold by most booksellers. 1696. 20 p.

A reply to the Defence of the letter to Dr. Waterland
Pearce, Zachary
London. Printed for J. Watts. 1732. 84 p.

A reply to the Defence of the majority on the question relating to general warrants
Meredith, William ; Lloyd, Charles
London. Printed for J. Almon. 1764. 48 p.

A reply to the essay on population: by the Rev. T. R. Malthus. In a series of letters
Hazlitt, William
London. Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme. 1807. iv, [3]-378 p.

A reply to the Essay on population by the Rev. T. R. Malthus, in a series of letters: to which are added extracts from the Essay; with notes
Hazlitt, William ; Malthus, T. R
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M.A. of Cambridge
Cambridge. J. Hall & Son. 1861. 38 p.

A reply to the false reasoning in the "Age of reason": to which are added some thoughts on idolatry, on the devil, and the origin of moral evil : on educating young men for the Gospel ministry, and on what is "the Word of God" : all which refer, more of less, to opinions advanced in Thomas Paine's "Investigation of true and fabulous theology"
Fisher, Miers
Philadelphia. Printed by Henry Tuckniss, for the author, and sold by the principal booksellers. 1796. vi, [1], 8-40, [2] p. (last leaf blank).

A reply to the headlines: (Poems, 1965-1970)
Robbins, Martin
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Howe, M. A. De Wolfe
Philadelphia. King & Baird, Printers. 1864. 18 p.

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Wakefield, Gilbert
London. Printed or the author and sold by G. Kearsley. 1796. [2], 72 [i.e. 64], [2] p.

A reply to the letter of J. Fenimore Cooper
Cushing, Caleb
Boston. J. T. Buckingham. 1834. 76 p.

A reply to the Letter of the Hon. Langdon Cheves
[Charleston?. 1844]. 24 p.

A reply to the letter of the hon. Marcus Morton, late governor of Massachusetts, on the Rhode-Island question
Pitman, John
Providence. Printed by Knowles and Yose. 1842. 32 p.

A reply to the letter to Dr. Waterland: setting forth the many falshoods both in the quotations and the historical facts, by which the letter-writer endeavours to weaken the authority of Moses
Pearce, Zachary
London. Printed for J. Watts. 1732. 55, [1] p.

A Reply to the New test of the Church of England's loyalty
London. Printed for J.D., assignee of N.T. 1687. 10 p.

A reply to the observations of Lieut. Gen. Sir William Howe, on a pamphlet, entitled Letters to a nobleman
Galloway, Joseph
Boston. Gregg Press. 1972. x, 157 p.

A reply to the Observations on Mr. Caswall's letter: address'd to the gentlemen of Langbourn Ward
Caswall, John
[London. s.n. 1738?]. 3, [1] p.

A reply to the pamphlet entitled "Facts concisely stated for the information of the legislature of Ohio, published by the faculty of the Medical College of Ohio."
Drake, Daniel
[Cincinnati, Ohio. D. Drake. 1833]. 8 p.

A reply to the personal invectives and objections contained in two answers, published by certain anonymous persons, to an essay on the treatment and conversion of African slaves in the British colonies
Ramsay, James
London. Printed and sold by J. Phillips. 1785. xvi, 107, 5 p.

A reply to the reasonings of Mr. Gibbon (1778)
Loftus, Smyth ; Gibbon, Edward
New York. Garland Pub. 1974. 236 p.

A reply to the reasons of the Oxford-clergy against addressing
L'Estrange, Roger
London. Printed by Henry Hills. 1687. 20 p.

A reply to the report of a committee of the New York Clearing House Association on the national bank currency act
Member of Congress
[New York?]. 1864. 15 p.

A reply to the report of the Earl of Durham
Haliburton, Thomas Chandler
Ottawa. Golden Dog Press. 1976. ii, 43 p.

A reply to the Report of the Select Committee to whom was referred the report of Trinity Church
Ogilby, F
[New York?. s.n. 1857]. 20 p.

A reply to the report of the Tariff Commission on the cotton industry [microform]: written for the Free Trade League
Chapman, Sydney John
Manchester . Sherratt & Hughes. 1905. xix, 169 p. ill. ; 24 cm.

A reply to the Reverend Mr. Burrowes's and the Reverend Mr. Ryan's remarks, &c
Barber, Samuel
Dublin. Printed by P. Byrne. 1787. 21 p.

A reply to the Rev. F. Randolph's letter to the Rev. Dr. Priestley, or, An examination of the Rev. F. Randolph's Scriptural revision of socinian arguments
Hobhouse, Benjamin ; Randolph, Francis
Trowbridge. Printed by Abraham Small for T. Cadell. [1792]. 232 p.

A reply to the Review of Dr. Wyatt's sermon and Mr. Sparks's letters on the Protestant Episcopal church, which originally appeared in the Christian disciple at Boston, and subsequently, in a separate form at Baltimore in which it is attempted to vindicate the church from the charges of that review
Weller, George
Boston. R. P. & C. Williams. 1821. 168 p., 1 l.

A reply to the Review of Judge Advocate General Holt, of the proceedings, findings and sentence, of the general court martial: in the case of Major General Fitz John Porter, and a vindication of that officer
Johnson, Reverdy
Baltimore. Printed by John Murphy & Co. 1863. 88 p.

A reply to the Review of Whitman's letters to Professor Stuart in the Spirit of the pilgrims for March 1831
Whitman, Bernard ; Pond, Enoch ; Whitman, Bernard
Boston. Gray and Bowen. 1831. 84 p.

A reply to the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone's 'Political expostulation,'
Capel, Thomas John
New York. D. Appleton and Co. 1875. 68p.

A reply to the Securities and Exchange Commission
Connely, Emmett Francis
Chicago. Investment Bankers Association of America. 1940. 45 p.

A reply to the star Algol
Britter, Michael
Walton-on-Thames. Outposts Publications. 1978. 12 p.

A reply to the statement of General Graham's letter of the 24th of March, 1811: on General La Peña's manifesto and representation to the Cortes
Lacy, Luis de ; Lynedoch, Thomas Graham
[London. s.n.]. 1811. 40 p.

A reply to the strictures of Lord Mahon and others: on the mode of editing the writings of Washington
Sparks, Jared ; Palfrey, John Gorham
London. Tru˜bner and Co. 1852. 89 p.

A reply to the strictures of Lord Mahon and others: on the mode of editing the writings of Washington
Sparks, Jared
Cambridge. J. Bartlett. 1852. 35 p.

A reply to the strictures of the Edinburgh Review, on foreign policy of Marquis Wellesley's administration in India: comprising an examination of the late transactions in the Carnatic
Campbell, Lawrence Dundas
London. T. Cadell and W. Davies, Strand. 1807. 301 p.

A reply to the Vindication of the result of the late Council at Ipswich
Dana, Daniel ; Marcus
Newburyport . E. M. Blunt .. printer. 1806. 52 p.

A reply to Thomas Paine's second part of The age of reason
Wakefield, Gilbert
London. Printed for H. D. Symonds. 1795. viii, 60 p.

A reply to those portions of Governor La Follette's message of 1905 which relate to railways
Hanson, Burton
[Chicago?. s.n. 1905]. 25 p.

A reply to William Hannibal Thomas, author of a book recently published by the McMillan Company, Fifth Ave., New York City, called The American Negro
Walker, Charles T ; Thomas, William Hannibal
[New York. s.n. 1901?]. 30 p.

A reply to William T. Dwight, D. D., on spiritualism: three lectures
Woodman, Jabez C
Boston. Bela Marsh. 1858. 98 p.

A reply to William T. Dwight, D. D., on spiritualism: three lectures
Woodman, Jabez C
Portland [Me.]. George R. Davis & Brother. 1857. 83, [1] p.

A reply to Z
Hazlitt, William ; Whibley, Charles
London. The First edition club. 1923. 40 p.

Are policy platforms capitalized into equity prices?: evidence from the Bush/Gore 2000 Presidential Election
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Are poor countries coming closer to the rich?
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A report
Lodiaga, John ; Mutua, David
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A report: junk bonds : 1988 status report
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