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Nangendo, Florence
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Du Pradal, Pia
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Addis Ababa. Radio Voice of the Gospel. 1972. 37, [53] p.

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Arima, Eugene Y
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[Blantyre]. National Research Council of Malaŵi. [1988]. ii, 21 p.

A report on bacterial pollution affecting shellfish harvesting in Newport River, North Carolina
Athens, Ga. 1972. 30 p.

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Hollister, H. J
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Heikkilä, Lauri
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A report on Bermuda's first economic census (the census of establishments, 1971)
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Bhopal. Remote Sensing Application Centre, M.P. Council of Science and Technology and Space Applications Centre (ISRO), Ahmedabad. 1996. 37 p.

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Thomas, Gretta Mary Wardle
London. H.M. Stationery Off. 1933. 130 p.

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Baltimore, Md. (231 E. Balt. St., Baltimore 21202). The Commission. [1990]. 26 leaves.

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Mearns, David C
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Urbana, Ill. 1937. 2 v.

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Coney, Donald ; Wilson, Louis Round ; Metcalf, Keyes DeWitt
New York. Columbia University Libraries. 1947. 85 l.

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Earl, Derek E
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Gould, Sydney H
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London. H. M. Stationery off. 1928. x, 103 p.

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[Tallahassee]. The Committees. [1996]. 1 v. (various pagings).

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Alsi, Vijay S
[Washington]. Operations Analysis Division, Office of Environmental Planning, District of Columbia Government. 1973. 20, 5 l.

A report on Civil War explosive ordnance
Hackley, F. W
Indian Head, Md. U.S. Naval Propellant Plant. [1960?]. iv, 44 l.

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Denver. 1952. 23 l., 7 plates (maps, diagrs.).

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Sauti, R. F. N
Limbe, Malawi. Ministry of Agriculture, Bvumbwe Research Station. [1991]. v, 37 leaves.

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Simmons, C. Gordon
[S.l. s.n. 1984]. 63, 2, 21 leaves.

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Ellis, Arthur J ; Danielson, Morris
Denver, CO (201 E. Colfax, Denver 80203). Colorado Dept. of Education. [2000]. 23 leaves.

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Neal, Ernest E
Washington, D.C. Agency for International Development. [1964]. 14 p.

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Macbeth, Jim ; Hitchens, Dave
[Murdoch, W.A.]. School of Social Inquiry, Murdoch University. 1977. 377 p. in various pagings.

A report on community waste in Perth metropolitan region
Perth. Public Health Dept., Western Australia. 1974. lix, [139] leaves.

A report on comparative tests of the flesh and grain sides of leather belting
Jones, R. F
Philadelphia. The Leather belting exchange. [1922]. 9 p.

A report on compliance with requirements for publishing of state regulatory and policy documents
Harrisburg, PA. The Committee. [1988]. ii, 99 p.

A report on Conflict Barometer Workshop
Kathmandu. Forum for Protection of People's Rights. 2007. v, 44 p.

A report on "conflict, commitment, and continuity in American life."
[Williamsburg, Va. 1971]. 76 p.

A report on conflict & violence in California's high schools
Sacramento. 1973. v, 30 p.

A report on conservation & preservation of court mural paintings of Manipur, 1985
Gyaneswor Singh, Y
Imphal. Mutua Museum. 1986. 22 p., [1] leaf of plates.

A report on constraints to extension and advancement of professional women in agriculture and environment
Mulenkei, Lucy
[Nairobi]. Winrock International. [1994]. 12 leaves.

A report on construction
Yangoon. Ministry of Construction. <1995 >. v. <3 >.

A report on consumer access to prescription drugs
[Denver, Colo.?]. The Task Force. [1994]. 1 v. (various pagings).

A report on continuing education needs for the Nevada library community
McCracken, John R
Carson City, Nev. Nevada State Library and Archives. [1991]. v, 39 p.

A report on control of land prices, valuation and compulsory acquisition of land
Murray, J. F. N
[Singapore. Printed at the Govt. Print. Office; to be purchased from Govt. Publications Bureau. 1956. 68 p.

A report on cooperative housing and related activities in Cameroon, Gabon, Kenya, Libya, Nyasaland, Sudan
Washington. The Agency. 1963. 132 p. in various pagings.

A report on coordination and human resource planning in the Hawaii visitor industry
[Honolulu]. 1972. ix, 131 p.

A report on corporal punishment in Canadian schools: based on regulations and policy statements of departments of education and school boards
[Toronto. Research and Information Division, Canadian Education Association]. 1967. 13 l.

A report on corrections in Northern Manitoba: prepared for the ... Minister of Corrective and Rehabilitative Services, Government of Manitoba
[Winnipeg?. The Committee?]. 1974. ii, 102 p.

A Report on court costs
[Tallahassee, Fla.]. The Committee. [1991]. 1 v. (various pagings).

A Report on creditor's rights: prejudgment remedies
[Tallahassee, Fla.]. The Committee. [1991]. 32, 17 p.

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Johnson, Janice
[Fargo]. The Program. 1976. v, 48 leaves.

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Khartoum. Republic of the Sudan, Dept. of Statistics. 1968. 23, iii l.

A report on CSIR
New Delhi. Technology Information, Forecasting & Assessment Council, Dept. of Science & Technology. 1996. 192 p.

A report on cumulative trauma disorders in Maine, 1995
Austin, Janet M
Augusta, Me. (45 State House Station, Augusta 04333-0045). Maine Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Standards. [1997]. 16 p.

A report on curriculum survey: House Bill 238, second regular session, twenty-fourth Legislature
[Phoenix. 1961]. 35 p.

A report on customer complaints and utility collections, 1984 and 1985
Gioia, Paul L ; Rosenblum, Lisa
[Albany, N.Y.]. The Commission. [1985?]. 48 leaves.