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A supplement to an ordinance entitled, "An ordinance for ascertaining the mode of disposing of lands in the Western Territory": Whereas it is found to be inconvenient to execute that part of the land ordinance passed May 20th, 1785, which directs that certain proportions of lands be allotted to the several states, to be sold by the loan officers in each state
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A supplement to the report of the trial of the Spanish pirates, with the confessions or protests written by them in prison: also, all the evidence in support of a motion for a new trial : together with the opinions of judges Story and Davis (in full) on that motion, and the sentence of death upon the seven prisoners : concluding with a brief review of the whole case
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ʼAsūrakāyʻ praññʻ suiʹ rokʻ khaiʹ sū nhaṅʻʹ ʼaṃʹ bha nanʻ ̋phracʻ rapʻ chanʻ ̋myā ̋
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