A true narrative of the horrid plot and conspiracy of the Popish Party against the life of His Sacred Majesty, the Government, and the Protestant religion: with a list of such noblemen, gentlemen, and others that were the conspirators, and the head-officers, both civil and military, that were to effect it : published by the order of the Right Honorable the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament assembled : humbly presented to His Most Excellent Majesty
Oates, Titus
London. Printed for Thomas Parkhurst and Thomas Cockerill. 1679. [12], 68 p.

A true narrative of the horrid plot and conspiracy of the popish party against the life of His Sacred Majesty, the government, and the Protestant religion: with a list of ... the conspirators
Oates, Titus
Edinburgh. Re-printed by the heir of Andrew Anderson. 1679. [8], 32 p.

A true narrative of the late design of the papists to charge their horrid plot upon the Protestants: by endeavouring to corrupt Captain Bury and Alderman Brooks of Dublin, and to take off the evidence of Mr. Oats and Mr. Bedlow, &c. : as appears by the depositions taken before the Right Honourable Sir Joseph Williamson, knight, one of His Majesties late principal secretaries of state, and the several examinations before Sir William Waller, knight, one of His Majesties justices of the peace
Bury, John ; Brooks, William
London. Printed for Dorman Newman. 1679. [4], 16 p.

A True narrative of the late success which it hath pleased God to give to some part of the fleet of this common-wealth: upon the Spanish coast, against the king of Spains West-India fleet, in its return to Cadiz: being the substance, of several letters writ and sent by the generals of the fleet upon this occasion. Ordered by the Parliament, that this narrative be forthwith printed and published
London. Printed by H. Hills, and J. Field, printers to His Highness, the Lord Protector. 1656. 1 p. l., 11-16 p.

A true narrative of the popish-plot against King Charles I and the Protestant Religion
Habervešl z Habernfeldu, Ondřej ; Settle, Elkanah
London. Printed for Robert Harford. 1680. [4], 36 p.

A true narrative of the proceedings in the severall suits in law that have been between the Right Honourable Charls Lord Gerard of Brandon and Alexander Fitton, Esq
Lover of truth
Hague, printed. [s.n.]. 1663. [2], 49, [1] p.

A true narrative of the proceedings, with general remarks on the evidence given upon the memorable trials of Mary Squires, and Elizabeth Canning: the latter of which received sentence of transportation for perjury, on Thursday May 30, with a list of the gentlemen for and against the mitigation of the sentence : fully explaining the many absurdities, inconsistencies, and contradictions in the depositions of the witnesses : the acquittal of the Abbotsbury men from the charge of perjury, with Counsellor Davy's speech on that occasion : the whole course of this mysterious affair traced from its original, and set in a true light
Lover of truth ; Canning, Elizabeth ; Squires, Mary
London. Printed for C. Sympson. 1754. [2], 54 p., [2] leaves of plates.

A true narrative of the rise and progress of the Presbyterian church in Ireland (1623-1670)
Adair, Patrick
Belfast. C. Aitchison; [etc., etc.]. 1866. xxxvi, 334 p.

A true narrative of the sufferings of Mary Kinnan
Kinnan, Mary Lewis
New York. Garland Pub. 1977. 15 p.

A true national education
Pondicherry. [1965]. iv, 79 p.

A true partnership
Lakin, Patricia ; Cushman, Doug
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A true picture of emigration
Burlend, Rebecca ; Burlend, Edward ; Quaife, Milo Milton
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A true picture of emigration
Burlend, Rebecca ; Burlend, Edward ; Quaife, Milo Milton
Lincoln. University of Nebraska Press. 1987. xxxi, 167 p.

A true picture of emigration: or Fourteen years in the interior of North America
Burlend, Rebecca ; Burlend, Edward
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A true picture of emigration
Burlend, Rebecca ; Burlend, Edward
New York. Citadel Press. [1968]. xxxi, 167 p.

A true picture of the United States of America: being a brief statement of the conduct of the government and people of that country, towards Great Britain, from the peace concluded in 1783 to the present time
London. Jordan and Maxwell [etc.]. 1807. xi, [13]-100 p.

A true policy of protection: a treatise prepared for submission to the Boston Chamber of Commerce and other merchants and to manufacturers
Atkinson, Edward
Boston. s.n. 1904. 59 p.

A true policy of relaxation, peace and European security: statement of the Council of State of the German Democratic Republic of 21 June 1968
Dresden. Verlag Zeit im Bild. [1968]. 15 p.

A true politician: Rebecca Browning Rankin, municipal reference librarian of the City of New York, 1920-1952
Seaver, Barry William
Jefferson, N.C. McFarland & Co. c2004. v, 218 p.

A true prince
Sattler, Veronica
New York. Kensington Pub. Corp. 2000. 348 p.

A true prophet of the closing days: a brief account of the life, Christian experience, and labors in the gospel of Jesse N. Blakeley 1868-1930
Heughan, Eleanor
[Anaheim, Calif.]. The Church of the Lord. 1932. 3 p. l., 148, [6] p.

A true record of my psychic dreams and visions
Bailey, Florence May
Jacksonville (Fla.). The Hermetic publishers. 1919. viii, 106 p.

A true record of the mariages, deaths, accidents, fires, storms, etc., of Owensville and its vicinity since 1872
Smith, W. W
Owensville, Ind. Press of the New echo. 1910-16. 2 v.

A true record of the marriages, deaths, accidents, fires, storms, etc., of Owensville and it vicinity since 1872 [microform]
Smith, W. W
Owensville, Ind. New Echo. 1910-1916. 2 v. : ports. ; 17-20 cm.

A true relation concerning the estate of New England: as it was presented to His Matie. [From three copies of a manuscript written about 1634, found in the British museum, and transcribed by Henry F. Waters, A.M. with notes by Charles E. Banks, M.D.]
Banks, Charles Edward ; Waters, Henry F
[Boston. Press of D. Clapp & son]. 1886. 15, [1] p.

A true relation of a horrid murder committed upon the person of Thomas Kidderminster ... at the White-Horse Inn in Chelmsford in the county of Essex, in the month of April, 1654: together with a true account of the strange and providential discovery of the same nine years after, for which Moses Drayne, an hostler in the said inn, was executed at Brentwood in the same county, in the year 1667, being thirteen years after the commission of the said murder : whose arraignment, conviction, and attainder appears by the records of the circuit of that year
London. Printed for H. Hills Junior, and are to be sold at his house in Black-Friers. 1688. [2], 21, [1] p.

A true relation of all the remarkable places and passages observed in the travels of the Right Honourable Thomas Lord Howard: Earle of Arundell and Surrey, Primer Earle, and Earle Marshall of England, Ambassadour Extraordinary to His Sacred Majesty Ferdinando the Second, Emperour of Germanie, anno Domini 1636
Crowne, William ; Kingston, Felix ; Seile, Henry
London. Printed [by F. Kingston] for Henry Seile and are to be sold in Fleet-street at the signe of the Tygres-head betweene the bridge and the conduit. 1637. [4], 70 p.

A true relation of Mr. Justice Cook's passage by sea from Wexford to Kinsaile, and of the great storm, and eminent danger that he with others were in, with the wonderful appearance of the power & goodness of God in their deliverance, according as it was revealed to him in a dream: as also M. Deedate with other witnesses (in Genevah) opinion concerning dreams occasioned by a remarkable profettick dream of a Protestant marques daughter in Poland
Cook, John ; Diodati, Giovanni
London. Printed and are to be sold by T.B. [1652?]. 16 p.

A true relation of that vvhich lately hapned to the great Spanish fleet, and galeons of terra firma in America: with many strange deliueries of captaines and souldiers in the tempest, and other remarkable accidents worthy of obseruation : also, a catalogue of those persons of account, which eyther perished in this tempest or were miraculously preserued
London. Printed for Nathaniel Butter, Nicholas Bourne, and William Sheffard. 1623. [4], 28 [i.e. 26] p.

A true relation of the apparition of Mrs. Veal, the next day after her death, to Mrs. Bargrave, at Canterbury, the eighth of September, 1705: which apparition recommends the perusal of Drelincourt's Book of consolations against the fears of death
Defoe, Daniel
Edinburgh. J. Pillans & Son, printers. [not before 1705]. 8 p.

A true relation of the birth, breeding, and life, of Margaret Cavendish, duchess of Newcastle
Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish ; Brydges, Egerton
Kent. Printed at the private press of Lee priory, by Johnson and Warwick. 1814. 5 p. l., 9, 36 p.

A true relation of the ground, occasion, and circumstances of that horrible murther committed by Iohn Bartram, gent., vpon the body of Sir Iohn Tyndal of Lincoln's Inne, knight
N. J
At London. Printed by Iohn Beale. 1616. [32] p.

A true relation of the holy war, made by King Shaddai upon Diabolus, for the regaining of the metropolis of the world: or, The losing and taking again of the town of Mansoul
Bunyan, John
Bungay. Brightly. [1806?]. viii, 383 p.

A true relation of the late battell fought in New England, between the English, and the salvages
Vincent, Philip
Amsterdam. Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. 1974. 23 p.

A true relation of the State of Virginia lefte by Sir Thomas Dale, knight, in May last 1616
Rolfe, John
Charlottesville. Published for the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities [by] the University Press of Virginia. [1971]. xliv, 15 p.

A true relation of the unjust accusation of certain French gentlemen (charged with a robbery of which they were most innocent) and the proceedings upon it: with their tryal and acquittance in the Court of King's Bench
Holles, Denzil Holles
London. Printed by J. Darby for Richard Chiswel. 1671. [2], 44 p.

A true relation of the vniust, cruell, and barbarous proceedings against the English at Amboyna in the East-Indies
Lownes, Humphrey ; Newbery, Nathaniel ; Penrose, Boies
London. Printed by H. Lownes for Nathanael Newberry. 1624. [14], 38, [2], 20, [2], 34, [2] p.

A true reporte of the laste voyage into the west and Northwest regions, [et]c. 1577: worthily atchieued by Capteine Frobisher of the sayde voyage, the first finder and generall : with a description of the people there inhabiting and other cirumstances notable
Settle, Dionyse
Imprinted at London. By Henrie Middleton. anno 1577. [48] p.

A true reporte of the late discoueries and possession taken in the right of the Crowne of Englande, of the Newfound Landes, by that valiaunt and worthye gentleman, Sir Humfrey Gilbert, Knight: wherein is also breefely sette downe Her Highnesse lawfull tytle therevnto, and the great and manifolde commodities that is likely to grow thereby to the whole realme in generall, and to the aduenturers in particular : together with the easines and shortnes of the voyage, seen and allowed
Peckham, George
At London. Printed by I.C. for Iohn Hinde. anno 1583. [74] p.

A true reporte of the late discoveries and possession taken in the right of the crowne of Englande, of the Newfound landes: by that valiaunt and worthye gentleman, Sir Humfrey Gilbert, knight: Wherein is also breefely sette downe Her Highness' lawfull tytle thereunto, and the great and manifolde commodities that is likely to grow thereby to the whole realme in generall, and to the adventurers in particular. Together with the easiness and shortness of the voyage. Seene and allowed
Peckham, George
[Tarrytown, N.Y. Reprinted, W. Abbatt. 1920]. 59 p.

A true reporte of the Newfound Landes
Peckham, George
Amsterdam. Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. 1971. [76] p.

A true report of the disputation or rather priuate conference had in the Tower of London with Ed. Campion Iesuite the last of August, 1581
Nowell, Alexander ; Day, William ; Fielde, John ; Campion, Edmund ; Fulke, William ; Goad, Roger ; Walker, John ; Clarke, William ; Barker, Christopher
Imprinted at London. By Christopher Barker. 1583. [226] p.

A true report of the third and last voyage into meta incognita: atchieued by the worthie Capteine, M. Martine Frobisher esquire : anno 1578
Ellis, Thomas
Imprinted at London. By Thomas Dawson. [1578?]. [42] p., [1] folded leaf of plates.

A true representation of the plan formed at Albany for uniting all the British northern colonies, in order to [sic] their common safety and defence: containing abstracts of the authorities given by the several governments to their commissioners, and of several letters from the secretaries of state, and lords commissioners for trade and plantations concerning such an union : together with a representation of the state of the English and French colonies in North-America, and the said plan of union with the doings of the commissioners thereon : and some remarks on the whole
Hopkins, Stephen
[Newport, R.I. James Franklin. 1755]. 14 p.

A true republic
Stickney, Albert
New York. Harper & brothers. 1879. 271 p.

A true republican: the life of Paul Revere
Triber, Jayne E
Amherst. University of Massachusetts Press. c1998. x, 314 p.

A truer liberty: Simone Weil and Marxism
Blum, Lawrence A ; Seidler, Victor J
New York. Routledge. 1989. xxii, 346 p.

A true romance
Gillott, Jacky
London. Hodder and Stoughton. 1975. 286 p.

A true romance of the rebellion
Haldeman, Cyrus S
Boston. Combination Publishing Company. 1886. 23, [3] p.

A true, sincere and modest defence of English catholiques (1584)
Allen, William ; Falconer, John
Menston. Scolar Press. 1971. [13], 221, [1], 104 p.

A true, sincere, and modest defence of English Catholiques that suffer for their faith both at home and abrode: against a false seditious and slaunderous libel intituled, The execution of iustice in England : vvherin is declared hovv vniustlie the Protestants doe charge Catholiques vvith treason, hovv vntrulie they deny their persecution for religion, and hovv deceitfullie they seeke to abuse strangers about the cause, greatnes, and maner of their sufferinges, vvith diuers other matters perteining to this purpose
Allen, William
[Rouen. Parson's Press. 1584]. [8], 219, [2] p.

A true sketch of his army life
Beck, Stephen C
[Edgar? Neb. 1914]. 51 p.

A true son of the British working class (Harry Pollitt)
Matkovskiĭ, Nikolaĭ Vasilʹevich
Moscow. Progress Publishers. [1972]. 114 p.

A true statement of facts: in reply to a pamphlet lately published by Messrs. Charles Barrell, Henry F. Barrell, George Barrell, and Samuel B. Barrell
Joy, Benjamin
Boston. Printed by J. Eliot. 1816. 17 p.

A true statement of the Louisiana political imbroglio
Angamar, E. H
[S.l. s.n. 1870-1872]. 8 p.

A true state of the case between the British northern-colonies and the sugar islands in America: impartially considered, with respect to the bill now depending in the ... House of lords, relating to the sugar trade
[London]. 1732. 46 p.

A true state of the case of the Commonwealth
Nedham, Marchamont
Exeter. The Rota. 1978. [5], 52 p.

A true state of the case of the commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland, and the dominions therto belonging
London. Printed by Tho. Newcomb. 1654. 1 p.l., 52 p.

A True state of the case of the Reverend Mr. Greenshields, now prisoner in the Tolbooth in Edinburgh, for reading Common-Prayer, in an Episcopal congregation there, tho' qualify'd by taking the oaths, and praying for the Queen and Princess Sophia : with copies of several original papers relating to his accusation, defence, imprisonment, and appeal, first to the Lords of the Session in North-Britain, and since to the House of Lords
Greenshields, James
London. Printed for Jonah Bowyer. 1710. [4], 24 p.

A true state of the case, or, A vindication of the orthodox dissenters, from the misrepresentations of the Rev. Robert Foley, M.A. ... contained in a late publication of his, entitled A defence of the Church of England: in five letters, addressed to him
Best, Thomas
Stourbridge. Printed and sold by J. Rollason. [1795?]. 52 p.

A true state of the difference between Sr. George Rook, Knt. and William Colepeper, Esq: together with an account of the tryal of Mr. Nathanael Denew, Mr. Robert Britton, and Mr. John Merriam, before the Right Honorable Sir John Holt, Knt., Lord Chief Justice of England, on an indictment for the designs and attempts therein mentioned against the life of the said William Colepeper on behalf of the said Sir George Rook
Colepeper, William ; Denew, Nathanael ; Britton, Robert ; Merriam, John ; Defoe, Daniel
London. Printed and sold by the booksellers of London and Westminster. 1704. [4], 44 p.

A true state of the South-Sea-scheme, as it was first form'd &c: with the several alterations made in it before the act of Parliament pass'd : and an examination of the conduct of the directors in the execution of that act, with an enquiry into some of the causes of the losses which have ensued
Blunt, John
London. Printed and sold by J. Wilford. 1732. [4], 107, [1] p.

A true story
Hudson, Stephen
New York. A. A. Knopf. 1930. 565p.

A true story, and, The recent carnival of crime
Twain, Mark ; Twain, Mark
Boston. James R. Osgood and Company. 1877. 92, [4] p., [4] leaves of plates.

A true story based on lies
Clement, Jennifer
Edinburgh. Canongate. 2001. 164 p.

A true story of a drunken mother
Hall, Nancy Lee
Boston, MA. South End Press. 1990. viii, 151 p.

A true story of a drunken mother
Hall, Nancy Lee
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A true story of Lawnside, N.J
Smiley, Charles C
Camden, N.J. Robert C. Wythe, Jr., printer. c1921. 32 p.

A true story of missionary life in the Holy Land
Alley, T. J

A true story of real life, seduction, murder, and a violent and premature death: being a sketch of the life of John Tilghman of Lenoir County, North Carolina : comprising principally his trial for the murder of his uncle, Joseph J. Tilghman, before His Honor Judge Ellis, at the Fall Term of the Superior Court of Law for Craven County, holden at Newbern, North Carolina, on the 25th, 26th, 27th, and 28th days of October, A. D. 1850 : including his appeal to the Supreme Court of Noth Carolina, his subsequent confession in full, his execution, and the superstitious phenomena said to attend his death and burial
Tilghman, John
[North Carolina?. s.n.]. 1851. 86 p.

A true story of the Christiana riot
Forbes, David R
Quarryville, Pa. The Sun Printing House. 1898. 154 p.

A true story of two world champions
Cabana, Oliver
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A true tale of two wars
Sharipov, A. A
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A true teacher: Mary Mortimer, a memoir
Norton, Minerva Brace
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A true test for Skye
Hubler, Marsha
Grand Rapids, MI. Zonderkidz. c2004. 131 p.

A true treatise on the art of fly-fishing, trolling, etc: as practised on the Dove, and the principal streams of the midland counties; applicable to every trout and grayling river in the empire
Shipley, William ; Fitzgibbon, Edward
London. Simpkin, Marshall and co. 1838. xxxv, 264 p.

A true view of you
Baldwin, Stanley C
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A true vindication of the South: in a review of American political history
Norwood, Thomas M
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A truly African church
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A truly little girl
Smith, Nora Archibald
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"--A truly report": my twenty-five years as a revenuer
Dotson, Hugh Hight
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A truly spectacular, terrific, fabulous, awesome, remarkable grandparent
LaPlaca, Annette Heinrich ; Mindeman, Miriam
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Theatrum Adriae: dalle Alpi all'Adriatico nella cartografia del passato (secoli X-XVIII)
Lago, Luciano
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Theatrum anatomicum: photographs
Brunenberg, Jo ; Cooper, Emmanuel
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Theatrum anatomicum
Oey, Tjeng Sit ; Mathijsen, J. A. M
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Theatrum Arbitri: theatrical elements in the Satyrica of Petronius
Panayotakis, Costas
Leiden . E.J. Brill. 1995. xxv, 225 p.

Theatrum arithmetico-geometricum, das ist =: Schau-Platz der Rechen- und Mess-Kunst : darinnen enthalten dieser beyden Wissenschafften nöthige Grund-Regeln und Handgriffe so wohl, als auch die unterschiedene Instrumente und Machinen, welche theils in der Ausübung auf den Papier, theils auch im Felde besonderen Vortheil geben können : insonderheit wird hierinnen erkläret, der Nutzen und Gebrauch des nicht gnugsam zu preisenden Proportional-Zirckels
Leupold, Jacob
Leipzig. Zufinden bey dem Autore und Joh. Friedr. Gleditschens seel. Sohn. 1727. [14], 300 [i.e. 200], [4] p., XLIII [i.e. XLV] leaves of plates.

Theatrum artis scribendi varia summorum nostri seculi: artificiam exemplaria complectens, novem diversis linguis exarata
Hondius, Jodocus
Nieuwkoop. Miland. 1969. 1 v.

Theatrum botanicvm =: The theater of plants, or, An herball of large extent : containing therein a more ample and exact history and declaration of the physicall herbs and plants ... distributed into sundry classes or tribes, for the more easie knowledge of the many herbes of one nature and property
Parkinson, John ; Cotes, Thomas
London. Printed by Tho. Cotes. 1640. [18], 1755 [i.e. 1745], [3] p.

Theatrum ceremoniale historico-politicum; oder, Historisch- und politischer Schau-Platz aller Ceremonien: welche so wohl an europäischen Höfen, als auch sonsten bey vielen illustren Fällen beobachtet worden ... Leipzig, M.G. Weidmann, 1720
Lünig, Johann Christian
[Wien. Bors & Müller. 1953]. 352-359 p.

Theatrum ceremoniale na dworze książąt i królów polskich: materiały konferencji naukowej zorganizowanej przez Zamek Królewski na Wawelu i Instytut Historii Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego w dniach 23-25 marca 1998
Markiewicz, Mariusz ; Skowron, Ryszard
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Vágner, Petr
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Theatrum chemicum: pr©Œcipuos selectorum auctorum tractatus de chemi©Œ et lapidis philosoplici antiquitate, veritate, jure, pr©Œstantia, & operationibus, continens: in gratiam ver©Œ chemi©Œ, & medicin©Œ chemic©Œ studiosorum (ut qui uberrimam inde optimorum remediorum messem facere poterunt) congestum, & in sex partes seu volumina digestum; singulis voluminibus suo auctorum et librorum catalogo primis pagellis: rerum vero & verborum indice postremis annexo
Heilmann, Johann Jacob
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Ashmole, Elias
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Theatrum chemicum Britannicum
Ashmole, Elias
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Theatrum clavasiense: mostra cartografica e documentale sulla città di Chivasso : Chivasso, Chiesa di S. Maria degli Angeli, 4-30 ottobre 1997
Signorelli, Bruno ; Uscello, Pietro ; Vaj, Camillo
Torino. Celid. c1997. 167 p.

Theatrum der vornehmsten Kirchen, Clöster, Pallaest und Gebeude in Churfürstlicher Residentz Stadt München: wie solche vor Zeiten vorgestellet hat Johann Stridbeck der Jünger in Augspurg
Stridbeck, Johann ; Spengler, Karl ; Biller, Josef Hugo
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Szarota, Elida Maria ; Brinkmann, Richard
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Theatrum fati, sive, Notitia scriptorum de providentia, fortuna et fato
Arpe, Peter Friedrich
Roterodami. Typis Fritsch et Bo˜hm. 1712. VIII, 101, [3] p.

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Della Ratta, Camillo
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Theatrum fungorum
Sterbeeck, Franciscus van
T'Antwerpen. By I. Iacobs. 1675. 19 p.l., 396, [20] p.

Theátrumi könyvecske: színházi zsebkönyvek és szerepük a régió színházi kultúrájában
Egyed, Emese
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Theatrum judaicum: Denkspiele im deutsch-ju˜dischen Diskurs der Moderne
Shahar, Galili
Bielefeld. Aisthesis. 2007. 342 p.

Theatrum machinarium, oder, Schau-Platz der Heb-Zeuge: in welchem nicht nur angewiesen wird wie durch Menschen und Thiere gewaltige Lasten beqvem fortzubringen, sondern auch mancherley Arthen der vornehmsten, gebräuchlichsten, dauerhafftigsten und curieusesten, wie auch simplesten Machinen, Lasten von ungeheurer Grösse und Schwehre so wol von einem Orth zum andern nicht allein füglich fortzuschaffen, als zu erheben, niederzulassen und mit Geschicklichkeit von einer Seite zur andern zu wenden, vorgestellet werden ... : ein Werck so allen Architectis, Ingenieurs, Maurern, Zimmerleuthen, Steinmetzen, Handelsleuthen, Künstlern und Hausswirthen so nöthig als nützlich
Leupold, Jacob
Leipzig. Zufinden bey dem Autore und Joh. Friedr. Gleditschens seel. Sohn. 1725. [16], 162 [i.e. 164], [4] p., LVI leaves of plates (1 folded).

Theatrum machinarum generale: Schau-platz des grundes mechanischer wissenschafften, das ist: deutliche anleitung zur mechanic oder bewegungs-kunst
Leupold, Jacob
Leipzig. Druckts C. Zunkel. 1724. 10 p.l., 240, [4] p.

Theatrum machinarum hydrotechnicarum =: Schau-Platz der Wasser-Bau-Kunst, oder, Deutlicher Unterricht und Anweisung desjenigen was bey dem Wasser-Bau, und absonderlich der Dam[m]-Kunst, zu wissen no˜thig ist ... : Alles mit mechanischen, mathematischen und physicalischen Anmerckungen deutlich beschrieben und mit sehr vielen saubern Figuren von Augen gestellet : ein Werck so nicht nur allen Ku˜nstlern, Architectis ... ja allen die beym Wasser-Bau Hand anlegen, sondern auch Cam[m]er-Ra˜then, Commissarien ... ja allen Hauswirthen die Wasser-Bau haben, nu˜tzlich und no˜thig
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Theatrum pacis, hoc est, Tractatuum atque instrumentorum praecipuorum ab anno inde MDCXLVII ad MDCLX usque in Europa initorum et conclusorum collectio ... =: Friedens-Schauplatz, das ist, Alle die fürnemste Friedens-Instrumenta und Tractaten, so vom Jahr 1647 an bis auf das 1660. in Europa aufgerichtet und beschlossen worden
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